Zemljani (Earthlings) is an association dedicated to promoting the philosophy of permaculture through building and testing self-sufficient and sustainable systems in our Laboratory in Mostar.

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110 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 20/9/2019

Spreading the bug of permaculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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We are happy to say that our country has breathtaking nature with beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, but we are sad to see that it is all being taken for granted, polluted, exploited, destroyed. Spreading the philosophy of permaculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina could have a large impact on our country since all it takes for considerable change is a small shift in view. The same nature we take for granted, looked at from a different angle offers an abundance of resources for a comfortable life of its inhabitants. We have taken it upon ourselves to venture into this journey of promoting permaculture and educating our region about the sustainable, regenerative and healing practices of this concept.
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    Under construction
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    Under construction
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    Wooden framing
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  • Perpetually temporary community
    Perpetually temporary community
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are not abandoning the ship

The political construct of Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite complicated to say the least and as a contrast to its beautiful nature it is portraying the ugly side of our country. Due to ongoing emigration we are losing whole generations. Young educated people are leaving in search for better opportunities, less corruption and fully respected human rights. Fortunately, not all of us are fleeing and we are convinced that we can offer sustainable alternatives to the current situation: There is an abundance of neglected agricultural properties all around the countryside. Also, there is a great number of people in need of jobs and financial security and independence. We strongly believe that if our people get educated in the sustainable ways of permaculture and get provided with the necessary skills and tools, people will be empowered to design their own way of life based on their needs and the needs of their community, to develop their surroundings and economy, enabling a grassroots change of our society. Happiness of individuals brings the success of the collective. We are dedicated in making knowledge and hands-on experience freely available for everyone, shifting the view in the green and prosperous direction.
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    To do list
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  • Salads
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Immersive visitor experience in the Laboratory

The best way to experience learning is by using all your senses. We want to offer our visitors to touch, see, smell, feel, learn and get inspired by a variety of examples how life can be organized in a sustainable way, nurturing body, mind and soul. In the past two years we have already hosted over 250 visitors from all over the world. We wish to continue doing so and hope to offer even more educational and demonstrative content in our Laboratory in the future.

Amount to raise: CHF 5.000 In our Laboratory we will build a variety of constructions: -Self Service Bicycle Repair Shop, supporting sustainable transportation, -Farm-To-Table Restaurant, showcasing sustainable agriculture, -Library, Cinema and a Classroom, for permaculture promotion and education, -Solar-assisted Composting Toilet, to serve as an example of sustainable human waste management, -Natural Swimming Pool/Pond, presenting aquaculture as a self-sustaining water filtration system, -Info Kiosk, promoting local projects, natural beauties, paths, routes and beaches, -Outdoor Camping Infrastructure, to be able to better host many future visitors.

If we raise more than the initial amount, we are prepared to immerse ourselves in a few more projects …

If we raise: CHF 6.000 We will fund a technical setup for our video production project: -Zemljani Media, by providing free online video media content we want to promote inspiring sustainable practices in local communities and offer empowering educational content in form of tutorials and guides via YouTube channel and our website. This type of content is non-existing in our language which is the mother-tongue of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, and fairly well understood in Macedonia and Slovenia, but was officially renamed in each of the countries after Yugoslavia fell apart.

If we raise: CHF 7.000 We will invest in materials and equipment for starting an heirloom Tree Nursery: -Tree Nursery, promoting reforestation and heirloom fruit tree varieties. Our area is prone to fires and illegal deforestation and we feel obligated to get involved, since we have perfect conditions for propagating and nurturing many new young trees each year.

If we raise: CHF 12.000 We will establish a model of a Sustainable Vineyard: -Elementary Vineyard Conversion Model, working with biodiversity for bee pollination and tastier, sweeter grapes, nitrogen-rich cover crops and poultry for fertilization and mulching and electric based sun-powered tools for maintenance. This model shows a complete conversion from fossil-based to sustainable energy, from synthetic to natural, from mono-culture to biodiversity, from struggling and depleted to being full of life and resilient. Our region is famous for having big vineyards and the beautiful river Neretva. Yet all the chemicals, pesticides and fungicides are eventually washed away into poor Neretva. We believe we can demonstrate an easy-to-use model, which will enrich life and nourish natural cycles that invite it, whilst producing grapes, honey, eggs, edible and medicinal herbs.

We invite you to make a donation in an amount you are comfortable with and choose a reward with which we want to show our appreciation.
  • Olive-Wood Necklace
    Olive-Wood Necklace
  • Zemljani - on Earth, of the earth
    Zemljani - on Earth, of the earth
  • Velež, mountain
    Velež, mountain
  • Olive-Wood Necklace
    Olive-Wood Necklace
  • Zemljani logo, Bosančica aplhabet
    Zemljani logo, Bosančica aplhabet
  • Velež, mountain
    Velež, mountain
  • Olive-Wood Necklace
    Olive-Wood Necklace
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    Tri načela
  • Olive-Wood Necklace
    Olive-Wood Necklace
  • Velež, mountain
    Velež, mountain
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    The three principles
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    Olive-Wood Necklace
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