RewardsBy Anabel & Sepp, on 6/7/2017 11:53

Dear all,

We will receive the final list of contributors from wemakeit most likely next week, then we will send you your rewards asap, please bare with us for now.

Thank you so much!!


Sepp & Anabel

THANK YOU ALLBy Anabel & Sepp, on 1/7/2017 22:00

Dear all,


Thanks to you!

It has been an incredible month, a rollercoaster ride of joy tension, thrill, excitement. But in the end, thanks to all your trust and commitment we made it. We are overjoyed and also deeply humbled by your help and support. We know how difficult it is for many, and we appreciate every single contribution with all our heart.

And even more uplifting was and is all your emotional support, the little messages, the thumbs up, the encouragement, and the words of love and friendship. We now enter a new stage of the film, post-production, and with the amount of footage we have, I know that it will be almost as epic as the shooting itself, but the wave of love, trust and support will carry us all the way to the final cut. We really feel like part of a community that has given us a push in the right direction. We feel loved up :-)

Soon, we will contact you for all your rewards, and even if it may take a while until the movie is actually out on the screen, we are very much looking forward to meeting each one of you at one of the screenings, to spread all the promised hugs and to be able to say thank you in person.

Last, i would also like to say thank you to wemakeit, who have been there for us, fixing little technical problems as quick as they could, and generally always being nice, and supportive. Thank you too!

We have not had time or energy to celebrate, we will sleep now and have a drink tomorrow, virtually, with all of you. Cheers to YOU!

Thank you and see you soon,

Sepp & Anabel

Keep calm and carry on . . .

The Last WeekBy Anabel & Sepp, on 23/6/2017 09:36

Dear friends, supporters, amigos, compañeras on the way…

We have come a long way, both in our project and in our campaign, 4 years of work, children were born, kids became youth and old ones died. Thanks to all of YOU we so far have raised 10.480.-, and we still need 4.520.- to achieve our goal, in 7 remaining days – and it is ALL OR NOTHING.

What we need is a little miracle, and one more effort to push this over the finishing line. So we would like to ask you if you could share the link one more time, with some encouraging words, or what would be even better and far more effective: Think of one person – or five :-) – a relative, a friend, someone who is interested in films, human rights, the environment, or all together, and write this person an email, tell him or her about it, tell that you gave and that maybe he or she could too. This could be the decisive spin in this campaign and with this one more effort we can do it.

Thank you so much, for all your support, financial and emotional… it really feels good to know that ones work is appreciated and supported. And we can’t wait to see you all at the premiere!

Lots of love!

Anabel & Sepp