LE MUR ? = The Wall…

My artistic approach allows me to share the emotions I have while contemplating Mother Nature’s shows constantly renewed.

Painting and photography techniques can be mixed both together leading to amazing results. Doing so, I have found new ways to express my feelings.

In 2012, I’ve presented such an experimental work at the ABPI Foundation: after this show, I realized that this work was not an endpoint but just the beginning of a bigger project, LE MUR!

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With LE MUR, I would like to invite you into my world…

It is a work project that will marry the painting with digital photography. My goal is to realize 100 works, in a single size, 50x70 cm. Put them together and make a giant mosaic! This may be either paintings or photographs, either hybrid where both disciplines will combine on the same surface. The photographs will be unique prints made by printing on paper art, mounted under acrylic glass, numbered and signed. The paintings are done in mixed media.

The idea is to resonate colors, materials and techniques, juxtaposing all the parts, creating a BIG artwork!

Reasonably, I’m planning 3 or 4 years to reach my goal: 100 artworks and a public art show presentation.


Since several winters, I’m the dazzled witness of spectaculars twilights with the Geneva’s lake. Until now, I’ve collect plenty of pictures of these events. This feeds my imagination. My paintings arrive, collected step by step, responding to these photographs.


Total cost is roughly 20’000 swiss francs. With your commitment, I hope to bring the first 5,000 francs that are necessary to move this project forward. This money will be used to purchase supplies such as colors, brushes, pigments, as well as photographic prints.

The stronger you’ll support me, the further I’ll go!



This adventure will become reality with your engagment!

Yours sincerely

Christine Lavanchy, September 2013