What’s it about?

In 18 scenes, «Légende d’Automne» tells the story why trees lose their leaves in autumn. The City of Lausanne has donated a park where we hope to install the project in a very near future.

«We» that means the association created for realization of the project.

The park will be dedicated to blind and partially sighted people, allowing them to easily access the arts. However, the park will be open to everybody and we are convinced that you too would take pleasure in walking the enchanted place.

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Meet the artist

I am Sara.H, sculptor. Among the various materials that I use, bronze is the one I definitely prefer. It has such a soft and sensual touch; it is simply beautiful. Hence, this project will be made in bronze. It has been in my mind for years, slowly taking shape. Three years ago I’ve finally embarked on the creative adventure. It is such a huge enterprise, with regard to working hours as well as financial needs. It takes a lot of willpower and imagination to pull it through.


Why do we need your help ?

It is my wish to offer «Légende d’Automne» to the population of the city, of the canton and beyond. It will be a fantastic approach to the arts, a place to meet people, feel tranquillity and magic, or simply take a stroll through the world of fairy tales. This is why I’d like to involve everybody in achieving our goal. Actually, quite a lot of financial support has already been offered by individuals.

Your contribution will be entirely invested in the project, not one cent will be lost in administrative cost.

Also remember that the sculpture park is a long term project that will brighten up the Lausanne city for many years.

Our Rewards

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What is the total budget?

The total budget is CHF 600’000, CHF 370’000 of which are at present assured. Our goal is to finance a half scene out of 18 in total (CHF 15’000)

Who are our main donators?

Our main donators include foundations and institutions involved in the sector of blindness. Also several companies, banks and associations.

Thank you very much for joining us in the adventure !