Lemoncha in Lausanne !

by Lemoncha


We are coming to Lausanne to a place already appreciated by many, the MELAZIC Kingdom! Support the project and be part of our adventure!

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Successfully concluded on 14/8/2019

Ever heard of Lemoncha?

A tea bar but also… The alliance between the use of the oldest ingredients and the most innovative processes. We offer a unique tea concept, iced or hot, infused upon ordering, prepared in front of you and fully customizable.

Travel across Asia with our twelve kinds of teas. Enjoy Jasmine green tea with floral notes or Japanese green tea with marine notes. Get your daily energy dose with a stronger black tea such as Assam. Satisfy your indulgence with an infusion of red fruits and lemon with hibiscus’notes. Thousands of possibilities just waiting to be discovered!

And why not adding one of our tasty fruit nectars to your teas? From refreshing citrus to exotic notes of passion fruit or with some strawberry, we offer more than 25 different fruits for your drinks.

Need something comforting? Try a freshly brewed tea with a splash of one of our organic milks or one of our vegan alternatives. The ideal drink for you.

You can choose the sugar and ice cubes amount; yes, we do not do things halfway!

Whether you’re a connoisseur or not, our team of specialists specially trained on tea is there to advise you. Discover us and treat yourself with our ultra refreshing drinks!

Our mission ?

  • To offer the largest selection of tea based drinks on the market.
  • To only use quality ingredients.
  • To only offer freshly brewed teas brewed in front of the customer upon ordering.
  • To create proximity with our customers thanks to our teams of professionals and enthusiasts.
  • To participate in sustainable development at our scale by offering eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable straws, tote bags or reusable bottles. Each customer can also come with their own container.

What is special about our project?

After many months of planning with our friends, the Princesses of the MELAZIC Kingdom, we decided to partner to offer you the perfect combination, a Lemoncha accompanied by one of their delicious Cupcakes. You will be able to find our shop in their Kingdom of Lausanne and enjoy a special moment in your day.

Why this campaign?

A lot of you asked us for a Lemoncha in Lausanne, which is why we decided to finally settle in this beautiful city.

Opening a shop takes a lot of time, work and reflection. In order to speed up this process and to be able to move to Lausanne as quickly as possible, we offer you exclusive discounts during this Wemakeit campaign.

The amount we hope to get through this campaign will not cover all the costs of the project by far, but it will allow us, as said before, to speed up the process.

Who are we? / Your rewards!

Young Romands (Swiss from the French-speaking part), we are passionate about tea and Asia. Our first idea came in 2012 and that’s the same year we invented our name. We traveled a lot, including Japan, China and Taiwan. There the tea fields and with our suppliers, we were able to discover the multitudes tea sorts and the different ways of processing it.

We want to continue sharing our values and our know-how; that is why after 3 years of hard work and the opening of two stores, located in Geneva and Nyon, Lemoncha arrives in Lausanne!

If you have any questions about our project or our counterparts, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the following address: contact@lemoncha.com

Many thanks ❤

Boris & Niels Lemoncha