Rannoch Moor Scarves - Work in Progress!Von les-soeurs-nomades, am 29.8.2018 18:14

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Here the next pictures from our weaver, who just has woven 22 meters of Rannoch Moor Tartan!

Hier die nächsten Fotos von unserem Weber, der soeben 22 Meter Rannoch Moor Tartan gewoben hat!

Weaver/Weber Ashleigh Slater online: https://www.tartancaledonia.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/tartancaledonia/ https://www.instagram.com/tartancaledonia

The Rannoch Moor yarns are getting on the loom!Von les-soeurs-nomades, am 27.7.2018 18:07


This was just posted by our weaver Ashleigh Slater from Tartan Caledonia:

@les_soeurs_nomades - Rannoch Moor tartan - this is what 22 meters looks like. I have split the warps up to make it more manageable. Now to figure out how to fit all this warp on a hand-loom #needabiggerbeam

Our scarves are for everyone! Von les-soeurs-nomades, am 16.7.2018 15:38

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Our scarves suit men just as well as women, as you can can see! :-) A big thanks to model Adriano B. for posing for us at very short notice and at a very late hour!

Try it on! Probier ihn an!Von les-soeurs-nomades, am 26.6.2018 09:30

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Schau dir unverbindlich unseren Prototypen an bevor du entscheidest. In Wien oder in Bern. Melde dich auf FB oder schreib uns ein Mail!

Before you decide: see our prototype without any obligation in Vienna or in Berne. Write us on FB or get in contact via mail!

sisters (ät) les-soeurs-nomades.com https://www.facebook.com/LesSoeursNomades

Postcards / Postkarte Raven and FogVon les-soeurs-nomades, am 20.6.2018 16:02

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Here two samples of the six postcards which are on offer. Thank you for your support! Any amount is welcome!

Hier zwei Sujets unserer sechs Postkarten. Danke für deine Unterstützung! Jeder Betrag ist willkommen!