This is what it's all about

We imagine a world where children understand the far-reaching benefits of healthy and freshly prepared foods for their bodies and the world. A world in which children, regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds, prepare meals with their families from nutritious ingredients and have an awareness of how food choices can affect the planet. A world in which we enjoy each other’s food cultures and savor delicious meals, while promoting our health and protecting the environment.

With LimeTree Camp children will understand the relationship between food, health and sustainability and learn how to apply their newly gained knowledge to every day life.

LimeTree Camp plants the seeds for life-long healthy and sustainable food choices.

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My project is special because ...

LimeTree Camp combines in a unique way important aspects of nutrition, health and sustainability with cooking and movement, all as part of a cultural «trip around the world.»

LimeTree Camp strengthens children’s nutrition and health literacy, and builds their awareness of the link between food choices and environmental sustainability.

LimeTree Camp enhances children’s cooking skills and enjoyment of cooking with fresh, healthy and sustainable ingredients.

LimeTree Camp increases children’s body awareness through movement and sports from different countries.

The children learn in inspiring ways the importance of healthy and nutritious foods and explore their origins.

Guided by a professional chef children prepare fresh and delicious meals from different countries, expand their cooking skills and enjoy the lunches with their camp friends. In the afternoon, children will do sports and move to different rhythms from the selected countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The camp takes place during school vacation and offers a full-day educational programme for one week. The Camp is daily from 9:00 am to 4 pm, with pre- and after care availability to support working parents.

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This is what I need backing for

During its first year of implementation in 2018, we held 3 LimeTree Camps in Zurich and Thalwil - three great weeks with lots of enthusiastic and happy children and parents.

This is what some children have said:

«This course was incredibly inspiring, interesting, exciting, yummy and simply cool! The food was extremely delicious and it was truly fun to cook the meals! Many thanks for this! The teachers were also very nice and attractive! I will definitely come again! Thank you!!!»

«It was amazing! And everyone is very nice and I learned a lot and it is incredibly interesting!»

«The food is outstandingly yummy and dancing is amazing and fun, I love it so much! Thank you that I can be here, it is so incredibly fun here and also the teachers are so very nice! Thanks again!!!»

Thanks to the generous support of the restaurant tibits in Zurich, which provides the chef and all the foods, the children are guided in their efforts to cook healthy and sustainable meals. For 2018, we also received a one-year, start-up support from the health promotion office of the Canton of Zurich.

In 2019, because of the Camp’s success and large demand, we are planning to have again 3 to 4 LimeTree Camps. To cook and to conduct experiments with 16-20 children, we need an appropriate space with plenty of room. For the sports part in the afternoon, we also need a gym and great sports instructors for the children.

We need your support for LimeTree Camp. With CHF 2’500 we can cover the costs for the rent of the kitchen, the room to eat and do the food/nutrition experiments, the gym as well as the sports instructors. Thank You!

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