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20,000 books in 243 languages, 77 volunteers, 70,000 users since it first opened! LivrEchange, the intercultural library, is a magnificent meeting point and learning centre, right in the heart of Fribourg, which offers its users many workshops and activities.

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The project

In order to spread the word about the work that we do, and in a celebratory mood – 2017 marks the year of our 15th anniversary –, we have asked Photography artist Romano P. Riedo to document the life of this library and its many activities. These photographs will be used in our communication (press kits, social media, activity reports) and on our brand new website. Our favourite photos will be presented in an big exhibition, which will be open to everyone during the celebration of our anniversary.


How can you help?

Our limited financial means all go to the library’s daily operations. In order to make our new project come true, we turn to you. The artist will be accompanying us throughout the year to document the library’s various daily activities.

Any excess made will go towards the library’s day-to-day operations.

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