Can avocado peelings or red cabbage leaves be used to dye textiles? Yes, it’s possible! Different vegetable residues from the local food industry can be transformed into unexpected natural dyes. Local Colours wants one thing: to continue this adventure along with you!

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We are always talking about environmentally friendly textiles, about organic cotton, but we question the origin and safety of dyes much less. In reality, chemical textile dyes are very bad for the environment and our health. This project aims to improve the missing eco-friendly colours in the competitive textile industrial chain.

The Local Colours project is based on recycling vegetable remnants from the food industry. Every month, tons of fruit and vegetable peelings with potentially fantastic dyeing properties are sorted and then thrown away to make bio-ethanol. Local Colours reuses the residues coming from regional farms, processing factories and restaurants.

ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) is interested in working with Local Colours and with an industrial partner, to research the possibilities of using these dyes on a larger scale. We will be partnering with the Swiss Centre for Research and Innovation to solve this challenge. The challenge now is to promote these dye possibilities on a larger scale.

One form, three colours

A silk square, in a choice of three colours, has been created especially for this campaign and exclusively for you. Opt for a golden yellow square, died with shallot peelings, a salmon-pink one made from avocado skins or for a bright blue one from red cabbage leaves. Treat yourself to an original silk square!

100% natural and local

This is a 100% natural product. No chemical products are used for this dyeing technique, neither to prepare the fabric or to fix the colour. These dye products are entirely biodegradable and the dyeing will be done at «Alchemilla», a protected workshop in the region of Bern.

Using local resources is fundamental to the project. If the local concept is successful here, then it could be established elsewhere. The funds raised through this campaign will finance this sustainable development which starts right here, where we live.

Why is your help so precious?

By supporting this project, you are taking part in the first local production of textiles dyed 100% naturally with vegetable peelings! By buying one of the «Carré de Soie», you are helping this concept of natural dyeing to become more concrete and accessible to the public. You are supporting activities in protected workshops, whose potential are often forgotten. Your contribution will cover the production costs. Moreover, you are supporting the scientific research and the development of a project on an industrial scale.

Participate in this eco-friendly campaign which encourages dialogue, generosity, and enthusiasm from each and every one of us.

These rewards could be yours!

Save the dates

On Tuesday 19th April in Zurich and Thursday 12th May in Lausanne, Local Colours will take part in the «wemakeit live at FREITAG». This is a crowdfunding-soirée where a selection of ecological project initiators will present their ongoing campaign in the FREITAG stores. Come and join the crowd!

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