We need YOUR help to get this project and eco-centre off the ground. After earthquake-2018 and COVID19 we try to make a positive change for our habitats by guiding them toward ECO and sustainable life

EUR 7’001

100% of EUR 7’000

100 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

45 backers

Successfully concluded on 15/7/2021


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  • Can't wait for the time I can visit Lombok and support all the sustainable stores there! Most importantly Coconesia <3 -@zeroot.co

    Nyx Elaine on 12/7/2021 16:18

  • Great initiative! Building strong inclusive sustainable communities is the path to a positive future. This is more than just eco products, can't wait to come and visit again!

    Dieuwke Reuvers on 8/7/2021 09:42

  • WE

    Ecogirl on 5/7/2021 13:55

  • I love Lombok and want to see a successful green future!

    Sian on 25/6/2021 09:09

  • I have seen the masterful creativity of the Plastic Sampat workshop and how the ingenuity and hard work of the people of Lombok invented a work system for taking garbage plastic, cleaning it, re-shaping it and making beautiful designer bags, hats and more. It was one of the most impressive creative environmental efforts I have seen. I wholeheartedly support this excellent work.

    Pam Longobardi on 25/6/2021 03:55

  • Un projet en parfaite adéquation avec l’urgence de mettre en place de nouvelles formes de relations économiques décentralisées associant directement des acteurs locaux afin d’utiliser les ressources disponibles en évitant le gaspillage et en respectant l'environnement naturel

    Gindroz Karina Jean-Pierre on 22/6/2021 17:26

  • We love you, Elissa! Happy birthday and we can’t wait to see what you do this year with your brilliant mind and creative self!

    Amy, Meagan and Jack on 21/6/2021 02:10

  • I love Lombok and island deserves place like this!

    Ecogirl on 15/6/2021 16:46

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