We need YOUR help to get this project and eco-centre off the ground. After earthquake-2018 and COVID19 we try to make a positive change for our habitats by guiding them toward ECO and sustainable life

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Why Do We Need a Lombok Eco Shop?

Our community movement aims to address critical environmental issues through a model of education, demonstration, replication, and advocacy. By offering a centralized space to build knowledge, resilience and good practices through WORKSHOPS and EDUCATIONAL EVENTS, we can create a strong voice and motivation for the Lombok Eco Market movement and give established ecopreneurs a chance to present their stories, projects and success.

Under one roof we will gather 40 members of LOMBOK ECO FLEA MARKET (LEFM) and give them space to showcase and sell their products continuously and offering more stability for their start-ups rather than just at our organized events.

We envision a world where human activity nurtures the ecosystems that we all depend on.

To be one step closer, our community of 40 members ( this is not 40 people, but 40 communities, villages and micro-businesses- contributing up to 500 people) decided to step together and try to make a central place for obtaining organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products that are made locally in Lombok, by nurturing knowledge from generation to generation and help to change daily habits toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Presently, our fast-developing capital, Mataram, doesn’t hold any opportunities like this. Usage of single use plastic packaging is at tipping point for the environment and oceans on our island.

By being the FIRST EXAMPLE of how change comes from an individual and community level will really help us achieve the ambition to create a sustainable and green LOMBOK.

Thank you for making a donation to help us achieve our goal! We hope you will support us in our cause.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Danica & Sian coordinators of Lombok Eco Flea Market

Who Are We?

Presenting our work and reiterating how serious we are in improving environmental impact, the Lombok Eco Flea Market (LFEM) has been founded in 2019 in Kuta, Lombok. The movement was created to provide a collective for the many talented eco-artisans working in Lombok.

We are based on six guiding principles:

  • Women’s Empowerment,
  • Conscious Shopping,
  • Circular Economy,
  • Earth-Friendly,
  • Local Roots
  • Pop-Up

Once LEFM vendors can prove their ambition and local roots through the above, they receive LEFM «Stamp of Approval» and are invited to sell their crafts and produce at various events around the island.

Designed to help promote the many existing sustainable businesses in Lombok, these pillars were also created to help educate and encourage other traditional artists, farmers and crafters to follow more sustainable techniques to improve their business strategies. This will attract new buyers interested in making conscious consumer decisions and create business opportunities that don’t rely solely on tourism, which has been so badly affected since Covid-19 struck.

There are currently nearly 40 active companies/ villages/ communities working together under the LEFM umbrella.

To date, we’ve organized more than 12 pop-up market events each with 700 shoppers attending. Our local connections and networks are growing each day. We have more than 1,400 followers on IG and 500 on FB.

After this fun and extensive market research, we recognize Lombok Island being more than ready for a center of sustainability training, gallery and ECO shop.

We believe that community voice is stronger than an individual and with your support, this project can make a true difference for the people of Lombok and the local mindset.

Why Support Our Cause?

Lombok is Indonesia’s most anticipated tourist destination after Bali. Amongst the beauty of traditional agriculture, rainforests and coral reefs, Lombok’s population are eager to move in the right direction for a long-term sustainable future of development.

Every city needs an eco-centre so development can progress alongside rapid industrial and commercial trends.

Lombok is now at the peak of development, struggling with waste and sanitation and a lack of safe drinking water. We need to use this precious and productive time to raise awareness and re-normalize earth-friendly products and habits that older generations were so complacent with before the arrival of plastic convenience.

We see the urgency in a community orientated environmental co-working business space and outlet to provide education and increase awareness within suburban Mataram.

With this, we can:

  • Help preserve and promote traditional knowledge and customs using natural resources.
  • Work towards a sustainable, clean developing city
  • Sustain local communities working with eco-friendly, natural products and practices with an eco-business accelerator programme to guide them to financial and sustainable success.

One shared permanent headquarters will lower costs for individual organizations. They can continue to focus on what they each excel at, and we shall teach and encourage effective marketing strategies to empower their work even more.

With your help, we can help unite and connect even more communities, improve their lifestyle and make Lombok- greener Lombok.

In two years we have gained such momentum, popularity and support from the eco-shoppers in our pop up markets. We wish to use this image to make it more accessible for all inhabitants in a long standing single location.


We want to create an approachable and welcoming space for urban residents of Mataram and others, to come, shop consiously and learn about alternative products and behaviors around the home and how this can improve the situation with waste around their neighborhood.

We aim to break down the assumption that earth-friendly products can only be afforded by people of affluence or foreigners. It is critical to inspire and empower the community to learn that anyone with a good idea can be an Ecopreneur.

We aim to support, guide and feature local brands that may not have been acknowledged by their target audience with social media, communications, events and our eco-prenusership program.

Raised funds will be spend for starting up of center (renting a place, small fixing of area and costs for first year, and if we reach the stretched goal funds would also help us to buy equipment needed to start up.)

Thank you for your donation towards this campaign! Together we can create a greener Lombok for us, for them, for you, when you visit our island.