We're almost half way there!By LOMBOK ECO FLEA MARKET (LEFM), on 2/7/2021 07:59

We can’t tell you how happy we are that we are almost halfway through our fundraising campaign for a permanent headquarters and Eco Centre in Mataram, Lombok.

This is a critical time, and we want to personally thank all of our eco-supporter and donators so far! With your donations, your shares to your friends and your commitment to a green Lombok, we hope we can achieve this goal!

This awesome video was made by volunteers of the Eco Trust, one of the LEFM Members. This community strives to work together, share ideas and support green initiatives all over our beautiful island.

Thank you so much for your help towards our cause, 13 days to go and we are so determined to complete this goal (we’ll even throw in another Flashmob if we do!!)

Please share our new video and update as far as you can!

Your generous support and green actions will help us succeed.


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While dreaming about our LOMBOK ECO FLEA MARKET Center, we don’t sit still, but work hard on our visibility and recognition in Lombok.

So 2 days before launching our WEMAKEIT Campaign, we organized 13. th edition of POP UP Lombok ECO flea market in Senggigi area (NW Lombok). We gathered 35 members with amazing ECO offer and for the first time we upgraded our event with beach clean up and kids up-cycle workshop. We had more than 600 visitors and great feedback from them. We wanted to see how our center will work, is the combination of workshops, environmental event and ECO conscious shopping attractive enough? And guess what; We got some people come especially for beach clean up, and we got some kids come only for workshop and many come as they want to enjoy only eco products…. That was just a big YES for us, as we got proof that market is ready.

We used an opportunity to also promote our Wemakeit campaign to all the visitors and give them more information about LEFM CENTER and everybody are excited, as we are.

And for you, our backers, supporters or friend just reading this, for you we made a video so you can meet us closer. We want you to see what product we make, who we are, what energy we give and how we work. Although distance is huge between us, but we all are member of planet Earth community and no distance can come in between that.

We thank all our backers - you make our dream step by step become reality and that just makes us want to give you a huge virtual hug <3.



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