What it's about

Used strollers - about 90,000 a year in Switzerland alone - can only be disposed of as bulky waste today (holy smokes!). Current strollers aren’t made to last, they’re a hassle to fix and dispose of. This is why we’re working on a sustainable stroller that’s easy to repair, refurbish, reuse and recycle at the end of its life. We’re committed to circular economy principles and are creating a masterpiece of refined simplicity and design innovation. For the production of our first stroller prototypes we need your support!

And hey, we need your help even if you don’t have any kids or if they’re already out of the house! With your donation, you actively support the creation of high-quality, repairable products that can last beyond one user. Invest now in a promising future for the families of today and tomorrow!


What is special about our project

At loopi, we’re challenging the linear economic model (take-make-dispose) and changing the way short-term products are designed and consumed today. From «broken and thrown away» to repairable. From single-use to back into the loop(i). And from owning to using. We want to demonstrate that consumer goods (like strollers) can be designed and produced ethically and sustainably. As a pioneering project, we’re promoting the circular economy and want to make a difference for future generations.

What we do differently:

  • MODULAR: Our stroller adapts to the individual needs of families, with modules for different lifestyles and stages of childhood.
  • REFURBISHABLE: All the parts that you think should be fresh for your precious baby, are.
  • REPAIRABLE: We’ve taken apart a lot of broken strollers, and designed with repairs in mind.
  • DURABLE: We’re obsessed with high-quality - it lasts longer, so our stroller can be enjoyed for a very long time.
  • RECYCLABLE: We choose only materials that can stay in the loop.
  • NATURAL: Our fabrics and materials are safe children’s skin and protect the environment.

We’re redefining «new». Our strollers will only be available as a subscription, so we’ve got to make them as high-quality and durable as possible. We take responsibility for a long service life and recycling so that new strollers can be made from the recovered materials, we pinky swear on it! Find more information at www.loopi.ch/how

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Here’s what we need your support for

Developing a durable and repairable stroller takes time, passion and – like everything else in the world – finances. For our stroller prototype, we need to purchase high quality materials, pay for local specialists to produce our prototypes and finally, submit them for rigorous safety testing.

We are looking to raise CHF 80,000 to build our first prototypes before putting them through their paces. Along the way, we will be constantly improving our strollers before bringing them onto the market. Parents will be able to test the first stroller prototypes this year (2021).

  1. st stage from CHF 25,000.- As soon as we reach the first stage, we can pay for all the necessary materials for our product development. You support us by being able to buy sustainable building materials such as wheels, screws, aluminum, wood and textiles.

  2. nd stage from CHF 60,000.- As soon as we reach the second stage, we can start producing the prototypes and pay for everything that has to do with handicraft: a workshop, a carpenter’s shop, a tailor’s shop and a pattern designer.

  3. rd target stage CHF 80,000.- As soon as we reach the third stage, the entire testing of the stroller including the TüV demonstration for the technical safety check is secured. The product development can be completed and nothing stands in the way to enter the market.

If we collect more than CHF 80,000, we can hire another product developer to advance the development of the stroller more quickly. It would also help us to pay for our working space in the Home of Innovation in Winterthur.

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