What it is about?

The Louve Collection by Maison Perruche – a creative fashion project, or how we transform our grandmothers old furs into exceptional new models. A daring recycling challenge!

The process is simple :

  • Gather fur coats produced in Switzerland 50 or more years ago.
  • Use my artistic sense in order to redraw singular models for each coat.
  • Transform the coats, thanks to the know-how of skilled craftsmen, in my city of heart, Belgrade.
  • Present my creations to a critical public, lovers of art and fashion, whilst remaining ethical.
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Fuck New Fur!

Fur is fascinating, yet breeding animals for the sole purpose of skinning them is intolerable.

The trend in the fashion industry is rather sad, both in the fur sector and in the mass production of clothing in offshore factories.


Second-hand fur jackets have a history. Maison Perruche is for those who love fur and wish to wear revalued pieces: treasures from the past.


Yes – Come In!

For Maison Perruche, I went hunting for coats and brought them to Belgrade.


I want to make «gangsta» creations!

The satin shines, the scissors wriggle around, ideas fuse. All that is missing is a little financial boost in order to create the exclusive models of my very first LOUVE collection by Maison Perruche.

An event for the future of the past!

The Louve collection by Maison Perruche will be presented at a public viewing event for the winter season 2017. The champagne will flow and the party will be beautiful. But above all thanks to you, the designs will exist and prove that the recycling of exceptional clothes must continue!