LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival

LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival



This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top. This statement from David Lynch is what the LUFF has been proving and showcasing through sounds and images for over 10 years.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 16/10/2012

The LUFF: an institution loaded with cash?

Even though it is «the foremost movie event in Lausanne» (according to the Swiss Film Archive), «the most original festival in Western Switzerland» (according to journalists of L’Hebdo and 24 Heures), «a festival like no others in Europe» (according to the editor in chief of Tracks on Arte) and «the best fucking festival in the world» (according to Lydia Lunch), it remains a complex task, in light of its no holds barred and even subversive programming, to gather the funds required for its organization.

In 2011, our anniversary edition ended with a deficit that still weighs heavily on our finances for this year and the future. 2011 excerpts


The LUFF is enjoying the precious support of the OFC, the Canton of Vaud, the city of Lausanne, the Loterie Romande and the Pour-cent culturel Migros, as well as private partners, making it an inexact fit, unlike the works and artists it showcases, for the term «underground».

This gap between the sources of its funding and the main themes of its programming is justified in that the originality and rarity of the works it offers (original productions, one-time only event, rare films on celluloid) require important logistics, infrastructures and researches, giving rise to costs as extraordinary as its program, costs that the incomes during the event canʼt cover.

The LUFF is robbing you anyway ?

Access to LUFF is unfortunately not free. Despite the deficit in 2011 and with the desire to make our program available to the widest possible audience and given that the movies, performances and concerts in our lineup are seldom visible in the mainstream circuit due to their atypical form and content : we lower our admission prices.

We thus spare our visitors the necessary need to fill this deficit, but we encourage each of you to contribute spontaneously and show your support to our festival, so that we can in turn support the artists, as brilliant as they are innovative, who keep exploring the boundaries of our perception.

Each contribution will be used in the financing of the 2012 edition in the following way :

6% of the total amount collected will go to to support their work.

LUFF / 17th - 21st October 2012

5 days / 4 international competitions of feature and short films / 6 movie retrospectives / 4 concert nights / 71 movies over 77 screenings / 23 concerts & performances / 5 workshops / 1 one-man show with John Waters / 3 exhibitions / 1 radio ( / 8 venues / 140 volunteers

Our headliners will be John Waters, on the screen and on the stage, the slashing return of Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth fame), an homage to filmmaker Christoph Schlingensief, sound artist Yan Jun and a never before seen and heard creation by grindcore legends Brutal Truth.

2012 Full program

  1. CINEMA: John Waters: A divine Encounter (Retrospective + One-Man Show «This Filthy World») / Christoph Schlingensief: Chain Disasters / Richard Stanley: OcCult Movies / Anarchy in Marxlands: Censorship in Soviet Satellites / Edwin Brienen: Agent Provocateur / Jérôme Noetinger: Carte Blanche / Music In Films / International Feature & Short Films Competitio
  2. MUSIC: Kim Gordon & Bill Nace (Body/Head) / Brutal Truth plays Robert Piotrowicz / Maja Ratkje & Ikue Mori / Yan Jun / Arcangel Constantini / Zeni Geva / Mattin / Michael Esposito / Victor Marzouk & Hélène Barrier & Deborah Degouts / Thomas Ankersmit / Kevin drumm / Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine / Radian / Gilles Aubry / Greg Pope «Light Trap» / Blectum from Blechdom / rm / FAT32 / Oi Polloi / Pain Jerk / DJ Rock Contre la Société
  3. WORKSHOPS: «EVP» with Michael Esposito / «Cut-Up» with Kosuke Kawamura / «Chewing Sounds» with Yan Jun / «dé-tournage» with Christophe Auger, Xavier Quérel & Greg Pope / «Gender does LUFF» with Victor Marzouk
  4. LʼOFF: / Exhibitions / Installations / Performances / …