The Story of the Space Beer

We are a bunch of scientists from Hochschule Luzern trying to fund our own startup: The zero gravity Space Beer!

In our daily lab work, we are trying to answer the question how the cells of our body adapt to space. In our laboratories in Hergiswil we simulate zero gravity conditions with a so called «Random Positioning Machine» (RPM).

In our experiments, we often use brewer’s yeast as a model organism. At some point we were wondering if the yeast will keep the ability for fermentation if grown under low gravity conditions – the beer idea was born.

Houston, we have a beer!

After work, we designed an incubation tank to fit on the Random Positioning Machine and cultivated the yeast for 10 days in zero g. In collaboration with a local brewery, the first bottles of a light and tasty beer were produced. The last bottles of this first batch of «Luzerner Space Bier» are now available for purchase at the brewery shop (

To be continued? We hope so!

The interest our idea generated in the local population and in the media overwhelmed us and we started to dream big: We would like to continue with the beer production, maybe even scale up the volume and sell the beer on the Swiss market.

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Why we need your support

The Random Positioning Machine in our lab is reserved for scientific projects and we cannot use it anymore for our project. (Sidenote: In the first attempt to culture the yeast, the tank exploded – not something you want in a science lab)

Therefore we ask your support to help us buy a second Random Positioning Machine, which will be solely dedicated for the production of Luzerner Space Beer.

What you will get

If we are successful with this project, the result will be a light and tasty «Space Beer». We would like to distribute it to several stores in Switzerland and make it available for you to purchase and enjoy.