Celebrating in Dance

A group of women dance in the form of a mandala. It moves. The dancer of MANDALA is invited onto an inner pilgrimage, for the viewer, MANDALA serves as a gateway to the mystical world.

After the release of «Moving into the Infinite», a full length documentary about the life of a contemporary temple dancer, (www.infinite.dance/film), MANDALA is a short film, up to 10 minutes, we invite you to join us: by enjoying our film, supporting us with your kind donations or, if you feel drawn to do so, joining us in dance!

(If you are interested in being a dancer in this film, please send a written application by no later than December 12th to: contact@infinite.dance)

After the completion or our short film, it will be available publicly and free of charge.

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As Loving Hearts Unite

The music of MANDALA is composed by Vorya Zarnegar from Iran, with deep love for a poem by Mevlana Rumi. The dancers of MANDALA come from different spiritual traditions. The joy of what we love connects us. The hand-woven cotton fabrics for our costumes come from India, and. most of the sewing work is done by Gita, a seamstress from Kerala. «Behind the scenes» there are numerous other contributing hands and hearts.

Spending time and practicing in the magical place ShantiMonti in Ticino, Switzerland, (www.shantiunity.ch), inspired director Paramjyoti for MANDALA. Her vision of a dance temple precedes this inspiration: a place that is dedicated to sacred dance and where that, which inspires the innermost of our heart, is cultivated and celebrated in dance and in community.

Sema is a ritual known from the Sufi tradition. It involves sacred music and dance. It supports the practitioner to loosen ideas and concepts about oneself and ones’ worldview. In the natural expanse of the mind, spiritual experiences can take place. MANDALA is a video project as well as a spiritual and artistic research. We explore movements which enhance presence and discover what opens and invigorates our hearts.

Where we are so far: Our first film footage has been taken by our cinematographer Eckart Reichl. Max Herlitschka has captured us in magnificent photos and we have started the production of our dance costumes.

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Travelling without Feet

The dancers of MANDALA have committed to this exploration with sacred dance over the span of a year.

In order for us to be able to present and share MANDALA in the form of a film, we rely on subsidies.

We use the proceeds from our crowdfunding campaign to finance technical equipment, direction, cinematography, editing, project management and costume production.

If donations exceed our goal, we will be able to invite musicians to our rehearsals. Live music is an essential aspect in sacred dance.

It is a great honor for us from ‚Infinite.dance’ (Paramjyoti and friends), to lead this project and, with it, to trigger the initiation of a prayer wheel in the heart of the individual as well as in the collective heart.

Join us in giving this gift to the world!

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