For you. For everyone. Handmade scarves from pure cashmere wool from the Himalaya. Fair and sustainable production. A non-profit project from Basel and Kathmandu.

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manoli is transparent, open and fair. For everyone.

Swiss precision meets Nepalese tradition.

Pure cashmere from the Himalayas, hand-harvested and hand-woven in Kathmandu.

manoli scarves - five styles, available in twelve colors.

Each scarf is made in Kathmandu using traditional looms. We only use pure, select cashmere sourced directly from local shepherds in the Himalayas.

Our aim is " ∞ 💚 ". For you. For us all.

We have been producing cashmere products in Nepal for fifteen years. It’s time to give something back. And so we have begun to help preserve the proud, centuries-old tradition of Nepalese hand-weaving.

Our goal is to create a fair and sustainable production of cashmere. Everyone involved should be fairly compensated and enjoy an environment where humans and nature are in harmony: from the goats high up in the Himalayan mountains to the shepherds that comb out their winter coats each spring, to the weavers in Kathmandu who process the pure cashmere by hand. Even the dye in our scarves is environmentally friendly, and the transport we use to get our products to you is carbon neutral.

We want to produce our packaging in a workplace where the employment is secure in Switzerland. It is, of course, made with sustainable raw materials.

manoli is not profit driven, but we do want to sell as many scarves as possible. This is the only way to bring about a change that benefits all who have a stake in our company.

Our Scarves

Manoli is currently offering five styles of unisex scarves, available in twelve colors.

  • LouLou
    Crowdfunding special price 119.– / Regular price 149.–
    50 grams, 55 x 175 cm, a very fine diamond weave, looks great with a three-day beard

  • Ella
    Crowdfunding special price 149.– / Regular price 189.–
    120 grams, 75x200cm, soft and voluminous, can easily be balled up and kept in a handbag.

  • Charles
    Crowdfunding special price 119.– / Regular price 149.–
    110 grams, 30 x 200 cm, soft and warm, for gentlemen and gentlewomen in the city or on the slopes.

  • Jasper
    Crowdfunding special price 149.– / Regular price 189.–
    140 grams, 70 x 200 cm, voluminous and cuddly, perfect for layering over a coat or during air travel.

  • Madeleine
    Crowdfunding special price 119.– / Regular price 149.–
    65 grams, 80 x 200 cm, voluminous yet featherlight, for a classic and understated look.

How To Choose Your Scarf

We guarantee that you will receive your scarf before Christmas 2018 — no matter where you are in the world.

This is how it works:

  1. Select the model of your scarf (or scarves) on wemakeit
  2. Preview the range of colors
  3. At the end of our campaign, we’ll contact you so you can specify the color(s) of your scarf (or scarves). With this, your order is complete.
  4. We’ll weave your scarf.

Selecting the color of your scarf is unfortunately not possible via wemakeit. This is why we will contact you regarding your choice of color(s) after the campaign.

Of course you can exchange your scarf if the colors you have chosen are not to your liking.

Orders have to be completed by 16.12.2018 for Europe and 10.12.2018 for international deliveries in order to guarantee Christmas delivery.

Transparency is important. Always and everywhere.

We want to do more than be fair, sustainable, and transparent; we want you to be involved.

Follow along on social media as your scarf is being woven. Travel with us to Nepal in spring 2019, when we’ll be visiting the shepherds and goats high up in the Himalayan plateaus.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates, images, videos and live-streams or get in touch with Whatsapp +41767179383.

Trace where the wool in your scarf comes from and who wove it using a QR code.

Top Quality. The Best Price.

Manoli is cost-neutral and not profit oriented: information about the costs of making your scarf is always available to you. Transparent and honest.

That’s why Manoli is exclusively available online. You benefit from an unbeatable price because we’re offering you our scarves directly, without any middlemen.

As thanks for your support, you’ll also receive an extra 20 percent crowdfunding discount on your scarf.

Normally we set aside 20 percent of our sales to save up for the construction of our own workshop, so that in the future we’ll be able to make our business even more fair and sustainable. During crowdfunding, we’re turning this percentage into savings for you.

You’re Important to Us

We need at least 500 orders to realize our vision.

With this 500 scarves we will ensure a year of work, including salaries, for four shepherds (and their goats) and two weavers.

And we guarantee that you’ll have your scarf in time for Christmas 2018.

Join Manoli

Our dream is to weave our scarves in our very own workshop. In order to continually improve our methods of production, our workshop will be a place for information exchange.

We look forward to sharing the knowledge of our Swiss cashmere breeding partners with the shepherds in Nepal to help them breed goats more effectively, thus improving the quality and yield of their cashmere wool.

About Cashmere

Cashmere wool comes from the Chiangra goats who live high up in the barren Himalayan plateaus, over 3000 meters above sea level. In autumn, the goat forms a fine undercoat to prepare it for the impending winter. In spring, a shepherd carefully combs out this fur by hand. Then the wool is washed and sorted. Per international standards, wool is considered cashmere if the diameter of one strand is less than 19 microns. The longer and finer the hair, the better the quality. When spun, this hair forms very stable threads, which greatly reduces pilling.

Delivery Time and Delivery Costs

  • Switzerland, Germany
    next day for orders placed before 4pm
    CHF/EUR/USD 5 *

  • Europe, USA
    up to 6 days from order date CHF/EUR/USD 7 *

  • Rest of World
    up to 14 days from order date
    CHF/EUR/USD 10 *

  • Import tax may be incurred. This tax has not been calculated in the price.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find a continuously updated list of FAQs on our website

Watch videos on our youtube channel on many topics and questions.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates, images, videos and live-streams or get in touch with Whatsapp +41767179383.