Melrose Kitchen offers customizable, made-to-order acai bowls as well as various matcha-based products.
It's also a unique place that will transport you straight to California.

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Successfully concluded on 10/1/2022

The Concept

Melrose Kitchen is a unique place that will transport you to Los Angeles through it’s super food and by its transportive atmosphere.

You’ll be able to dig into delicious minute-made acai bowls that you can personalize to your taste with different toppings such as fresh fruit, chia seeds or even peanut butter, homemade granola and many other tasty and healthy ingredients.

You’ll also be able to try an assortment of different matcha-based baked-goods or replenish your vitamins with our super smoothies and fresh juices.

We will also offer an exceptional coffee as well as matcha latte and a selection of teas to enhance your breakfasts and coffee breaks.

In addition, for people with dietary restrictions, we will always offer alternatives such as gluten-free granola, plant-based milk or vegan pastries.

Finally, Melrose Kitchen is also a unique and colorful place with a warm atmosphere that will make you travel to California for a while and offer you a moment of relaxation.

The Acai Berry :

For those who are not familiar with açai bowl, we make it from the acai berry, a berry that grows on top of palm trees in the Amazon. This berry has many health benefits thanks to its high antioxidant content and its anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. In addition, this berry does not contain any sugar, and we do not add any either, except the natural sugar of the banana which we mix with the acai berry to make the base of our acai bowl.

Origines and Goal

Behind this project, Raphy and Clement, 2 friends met at university who share the same passion for food and entrepreneurship.

Following a trip to California a few years ago, we discovered Acai Bowls and «Super Food» that we literally fell in love with. Açai bowl has become our daily ritual, we eat it every morning without exception! Beyond the food, we were also conquered by this atmosphere of relaxation and well-being that you can find in California.

Having always dreamed of opening a restaurant one day and not necessarily being fulfilled in our respective work, we first decided to test our product by organizing a Pop-up in Geneva during the summer. Following the success of the latter and the strong requests that we had, we decided to take the plunge: Leave everything to make our dream come true and open Melrose Kitchen in Geneva permanently!

More than just making our dream true, our goal is also to please the Geneva population by bringing something new to Geneva, both in terms of products and in terms of vibes and atmosphere, through a unique and colorful decoration, a festive atmosphere and a warm welcome to offer a real customer experience.

We also make a point of honor on the quality of service to ensure that each visit to us brings you good vibes and satisfaction.

We look forward to welcoming you and making you discover our concept in the heart of Geneva! But for that, we need you!

Thanks to you !

In order to be able to introduce you to our delicious acai bowls and transport you to Los Angeles, we need your support!

Thanks to your help, this will allow us to acquire all the professional equipment we need to open Melrose Kitchen, such as:

  • Professional blenders to make our acai bowls as well as various smoothies.
  • A custom-made refrigerated display for your future selection of toppings.
  • A competition oven and a food processor to prepare our various pastries as well as for the realization of our homemade granola.
  • A quality coffee machine to offer you exceptional ground coffee.
  • Different freezers and refrigerated cabinet.
  • A juice extractor and a machine to make our homemade peanut butter.

Your support will also allow us to contribute to the works and the decoration in order to make Melrose Kitchen a truly unique place in Geneva.

In exchange for your help, you will benefit from Acai bowls, smoothies, cookies and many other surprises like Stan Smith limited edition «Melrose Kitchen» or a basket with assortment of our homemade products like our legendary granola or creamy peanut. butter. You will find all the details in the list of counterparties.

We thank you in advance for contributing to making our dream come true and opening of a unique place in Geneva. We look forward to welcoming you and meeting you in person!

Raphy and Clement