Portraits of Young Masculinity

Over the course of a year, I have portrayed boys from all backgrounds between the ages of 12-18. I Talked to them about their problems, dreams and ideas. This work that has evolved is a documentary which tries to be as inclusive as possible, recording the status quo of young masculinity.

In a world with strict and binary notions of sexuality, masculinity and gender, I want to give the young voices room and space so that they can tell their stories. Out of this I now want to make the photographic illustrated book «MEN - A Story of Boys» - with colored prints and some text by me and the protagonists a part of the coming of age story of young masculinity shall become visible.

The work is inspired by my own socialization as a Cis man of color and influenced by multiple masculinities in this white, patriarchally dominated world. We still hold strict ideals of gender and sexuality and it’s definitions in our heads. So now I am trying to define myself and my masculinity to break with those ideals.

I wish this for all the protagonists in this book and everyone who will hold it in there hands-We can determine and shape our own masculinity for the benefit of others as well as our own. This work is an opportunity to give space and try to be inclusive. To tell and reflect. Breaking up, young and error-friendly.

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DYI from the Negatives to the Vernissage

From the photography to developing, the layout, design and curating I do everything by myself and with the help of friends. In studios, on our own, without schools or publishers. The result is a beautiful, thoughtful book, designed by young and creative people.

Art and culture should be for the many and not just a few. This means that a supportive understanding for those with a financial disadvantage has to be present - by for example, trying to create affordable art made possible with Supportive Solidarity Donations.

The finished book will be published, celebrated and discussed in November 2019 at the «BelleVue Ort für Photographie» in Basel, with a three-day exhibition.


Project details

Photography & Concept: Ernesto Rieder

Design & Layout: Ernesto Rieder & Jill Wessels

Curating: Ernesto Rieder & Janis Stalder

Print: BuySite Basel

Screenprint: Pintura Peligrosa, Screenprint Collective

Binding: Sewing binding

Book cover: Hardcover finished with screen printing

Format: 21x26

1st Edition: 100 copies

Published: Nov 2019, Bellevue Ort für Photographie Basel


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Where is your money going?

I could never carry the financial hurdles alone. Therefore, I am very grateful that I already received support from the «GGG KulturKick», as well as from the «Kulturförderung Basel-Stadt». Nevertheless, not all costs are covered yet. There is still support needed to finance the exhibition space, screen and printing costs for the cover, the exhibition pictures, as well as many other little things and details. Because it is simply and frankly very costly to craft such a book with love and care.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, the book shall be affordable for many. Which means I need support with bigger donations. For example let’s say you have a bit more money on your Bank Account then others might have, you could pay & donate a bit more so that others can get the Book to a more affordable price for themselves.

I want to thank you one more time for your time and support! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!<3

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