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METSÄSTÄ (From The Woods) is a photographic project of 60 images realized in Finland between 2010 and 2012. It will be published by KEHRER Verlag with a printing of 1’000 copies in July 2012.

This series invites the viewer to meet with a suggested world vacillating between a common and extraordinary context related to Finnish culture and its connection to forest. It is a story both amazing and chilling, where men are hunting absent preys, devoting themselves to magic and decadent rituals, while female characters become fascinating and timeless icons. This work is also a personal initiation to a new territory and a wider reconsidering of essential notions such as the desire for authenticity towards an idealized and admire nature - consumed, abused and dreamed of.

Book Launch

The book launching will take place in Vevey (Switzerland) with an exhibition during the next IMAGES Festival in September – Metsästä was awarded the Broncolor Lightning Award during the last festival competition and was recently part of the Swiss Photo Award!


Kehrer Verlag is a great publisher established in Germany since 15 years and specialized in art photography!

The texts accompanying the photographic work were realized in collaboration with the curators Nathalie Herschdorfer (CH) and Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger (FI)!

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Budget and current situation

At the moment the publication is partly supported by the Festival IMAGES - The Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region – Aalto University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

Few applications support are pending but the budget is still incomplete with a gap of 8’000 euro! Get the book, your contribution is essential and will make this gap smoother!

Thank's a lot for your support and encouragements!!!