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The project

While studying in the master program of Free Improvisation in the Music Academy of Basel, I got the chance and the inspiration to re-discover my instrument and its possibilities. Discovering new ways to enlarge the palette of trumpet sounds I arrived in that project which I am realizing as a part of my Thesis in cooperation with the historic brass manufacturer Egger, based in Basel (http://www.eggerinstruments.ch/index.php/en/).

The motivation for that project comes from the need to widen the functions of the trumpet in terms of timbre and tone and to offer the audience the opportunity to listen in a new perspective to what we consider as «sound of trumpet»!

What is special

What is special with the Microtone-Duplex is that it is a bridge between different approaches in the history of trumpet construction because not only it integrates flute-type keys in a valve instrument, but integrates a second bell with a glissando function in any possible timbre.

Supporting that project will make all these innovative modifications possible and it will create new paths in exploring the sound of brass instruments, which are usually considered as instruments with a quite strong character of sound!

Costs of the project

The costs of modifying that instrument are the following ones (these are all adjustments to be applied on my own instrument, a new instrument is not to be bought with that money):

  • CHF 800 for research on the appropriate position of the microtone keys
  • CHF 1’500 for the construction of the keys
  • CHF 1’700 for the construction of the second slide bell
  • CHF 500 for designing the 3D model, the postcards and the posters

Where to be used?

The Microtone-Duplex is:

  1. An instrument to be used in free improvisation (with or without being combined with live electronics)
  2. a new space to be explored in cooperation with composers in contemporary music and
  3. a tool of reapproching traditional music from different places of the world!