Mind the Gap – Art outreach

by puccollective


Mind the Gap is a new outreach programme by PUC collective that helps building a strong and sustainable dialogue between society and arts.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 14/6/2019

What is it about?

On the 31st of May PUC celebrates its 2 years birthday by giving stage to independent artists of different disciplines. The collective takes care of organisation, promotion, moderation and execution of the event. This evening provides space for artists to share their work and - most importantly - engage new audience who might discover «just what they were looking for». This evening is all about sharing the resources that we managed to collect over the two years of our existence: experience, space, time, and network. In order to continue evolving our support system, we developed a program «Mind the Gap». The program is composed of a few event models that could help building a strong and sustainable dialogue between society and arts.

Why and how?

Reaching their audience is a tough task for small independent companies that lack resources to build a promotion campaign and hire professionals who can execute it. This fact results into an unfortunate situation where the audience cannot meet art and the work of art cannot meet its audience.

Our offer:

Understand the praxis

This is the model of event that will help to understand the nature of an artist’s practise. The program will give an insight to the creation process as well as all the supporting actions that artists execute every day in order to make it in their profession. We aim to provide honest and exciting experience that will help to engage new audience into the field.

Learn the language

The goal of this initiative is to find new communication models between society and the independent art scene. Established institutions, festivals and art distributors invest in creating strong and engaging media content. Independent art scene doesn’t have means and resources to create these materials. As a result, a big part of society, who could enjoy getting acquainted to arts, is being left out.

Art delivery

Traditionally the audience has to visit specific platforms and institutions in order to access art. However, we have to ask if this is really the only way. Today’s world offers so many products «on demand» and if art is essential to human nature, can we create a model of art delivery? We want to give the audience an opportunity to bring art to their communities independent of institutional politics. «Art delivery» is a model of an online communication platform that will make it possible.

Through small but sustainable steps PUC is confident about making a difference. With your contribution you make the realization of this project possible and become an art facilitator yourself.


PUC collective was founded in 2017 by the artists Anna Possarnig and Maria Shurkhal in collaboration with composer Amir A. Ahmadi. Since its debut piece Bauhaus Tanzt (I.) – which focused on the alliance of contemporary music, dance and design – PUC became a platform for transmitting/communicating/presenting interdisciplinary art. The company is based in Vienna, Austria, and functions under Verein Studio Fugu.