Why Mioviu?

In the Mioviu project, I bring in all my thirty years of professional experience to offer a user-friendly television product. For a long time, I have observed that more and more people are overwhelmed and frustrated when they have to choose their TV content.

My solution consists of a TV concierge service with the following advantages:

  1. Mioviu skips commercials automatically
  2. Mioviu holds all your favorite shows for on demand viewing
  3. TV channels, recordings, the most important streaming service, such as Netflix or YouTube, are united in one interface
  4. Mioviu shows you the right content at the appropriate moment

What's special about my project

Mioviu relieves you of many small actions around television: scheduling recordings, skipping commercial breaks, simplify the content selection and much more.

This service is made possible by Mioviu technologies. On the one hand, they make it possible to understand your television needs accurately, and on the other hand, they allow the system to «understand» the broadcast content with unprecedented precision.

Ultimately, these technologies allow creating an individual program for you. This way you can immediately relax when you turn on your TV.

This is what I need backing for

This crowdfunding campaign is a pre-sale for the Mioviu Bundle and is intended to clarify whether such a TV butler service meets a need. If at least 500 pre-orders are received (equivalent to about CHF 100,000), we will develop the project further.

First, we need to raise the investment capital of around CHF 1 million. I assume that this will take time until spring 2019. At the same time, however, the concept will be finalized and prepared with partners and suppliers so that the development of the box and the service can start as soon as the investors are on board.

The box is to be delivered and the service put into operation towards the end of 2019.