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«Beauty Spots» is the name of our latest album, beautiful flecks: integrating moments in music and imagery. With our unreleased work, artists close to the band created artwork inspired by our new music, our songs: A series of «Beauty Spots»

We are almost done...

We invested a lot of time into our second album. We had many long nights wrestling over chords, sounds and lyrics. Many discussions were intensified with a few glasses of our «Mo Blanc» white wine. We produced two video clips, acquired beautiful art work tailored to our music and we will now embark on a live tour of our new songs– musically and visually. We created posters, pressed CDs and vinyl and produced our «Mo Blanc» white wine.

Of course, we are happy to cover our costs as much as we can from our own pockets and from public cultural grants but for the rest, we would be extremely grateful for your support.

The Art of «Beauty Spots»

The songs on «Beauty Spots» were written about the images and memories that are painted in our minds and rouse the need to leave the daily grind behind us.

As part of our crusade, we took an opposite artistic path by asking local artists that we know to create art inspired by, and to accompany our new music and songs.

The series of artwork created for «Beauty Spots» will be offered to our supporters as a reward.

Further rewards for your support

Besides our music, we have created a different art by making our «Mo Blanc» white wine, a Riesling-Sylvaner. Furthermore, we have plenty more rewards in the form of records, invitations to the record release party, concerts in your home (acoustic) or at your party. Such rewards, and a lot more can be found in the column to the right under «rewards» and also in the picture gallery below.

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