More freedom for our 4 Pumas


Santa Cruz de la Sierra

We, the Fundacion AFASI in Bolivia, want to enlarge the small puma enclosure to offer these noble animals an appropriate home - 2500 m² with trees, caves and lagoons!

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The story of our pumas

We have grown very fond of our four pumas. The three male and one female puma were kept in small cages in private apartments in the city. After being confiscated by the authorities, the animals came to us. The enclosures in our sanctuary are probably much larger than the prisons at these private homes, but we want more quality of life for our pumas. We want to provide these noble animals with an appropriate new home of 2500m². Help us to give these formerly incarcerated wild animals a better future, with fresh air, sun and rain, natural trees, bushes, grass, climbing possibilities, retreats in caves, fishes in the lagoon, etc. Release into the wild is not possible because these animals never had the opportunity to learn how to hunt from their parents. In the wild they would starve or be easy victims of hunters. Thank you for your support!

Why we need your help

The land is already available as it is located in our natural park. The total amount of the enclosure is 8000 CHF. A part of this cost we can expectedly raise from our own funds and for the other part we ask for your support via this crowdfunding platform. Even a small amount from many animal friends will help us to reach our first goal, so that these four pumas will have a nicer life.

the construction of the new enclosure

For the enclosure with a dimension of 50mx50m, a ditch of 4m depth and 3m width will be excavated all around with a big shovel excavator. The excavated earth (2400 m³) will be piled up in the middle of the enclosure, so that a hill is created, which we will plant with natural wood and equip with caves and climbing rocks. We put the ditch one meter under water, which serves as a lagoon for the pumas. This water will also prevent the puma from jumping up. A pipe at a height of one meter regulates the water level of the lagoon. The clay layer of the excavation is reinforced to prevent erosion. At the level of the original floor, a wire mesh of 2m height is installed with an extension of 50cm at a 45 degree angle. A safety zone for veterinary care is also planned. With this enclosure we guarantee safety for the people and a better life for our beloved animals. Thank you for your help to achieve this beautiful goal for the benefit of our four pumas!