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Dog Sharing PLUS - For Happy Dogs

Any dog is happier when it spends the day with dedicated social time with humans or other dogs as opposed to being alone. So many people would love to spend time with a dog, but they cannot have one of their own currently.

With our Dog Sharing, dog owners and dog lovers share the care of a dog when the dog owner is away due to work, accident, illness or vacation. Dog friends may also contact the owner if they would like to do something with the dog.

Like a neighborhood watch, dog friends take care of dogs for free because they love dogs and want to spend time with a dog. Dogs are thus lovingly cared for, out on walks and engaged in another home.

In order to support the «getting to know» process in the best possible way online, fair-dogs also offers dog owners the «personality test for dogs» and the «dog pages». Unlike other dog sharing or dog sitting platforms, dog seekers can also see the dog’s personality in the dog’s advert.

fair-dogs offers dog owners and dog lovers the platform with a generous FREE basic offer

  • Advertisements for dogs and dog caretakers
  • Personality test of the dog

The personality test is suitable for all dogs from mixed breeds to pedigree dogs. It puts the characteristics of a dog into a comparable and measurable structure. The results are not given in two poles, but gradually. This creates a multi-layered personality profile out of a few simple questions that is also meaningful.

We have received great feedback about our «Personality Test for Dogs» and dog owners take about 200 tests per month. Our Dog Sharing was freshly launched in March and is still in the starting blocks.

Currently our page is only in German, but google does an «ok» not a good translation job, in case you want to try it.

Our approach

Anyone who loves dogs should be able to spend time with a dog! It does not have to be your own dog, you can also support others with their dog. Dog owners who are looking for dog sitters or additional activity for their dog, should find a suitable trusted caretaker, who enjoys dogs, for their dog at fair-dogs.

For people interested in dogs, it is helpful to gather experience with dogs before deciding to have one of their own. Dogs are social beings and can build friendships with multiple people - gradually. If the dog likes and knows another person, even the absence of the owner is not that hard on him. With us, everyone wins: dogs, owners and caretakers.

To help people understand their dogs better, we have developed the PERSONALITY TEST FOR DOGS. The test enables every owner to make a structured quick assessment of their dog. It is also helpful for caretakers to read about the dog’s personality in advance.

This is what I need backing for: Our core feature «Matching»

The good rating and frequent use of our personality test for dogs has convinced us that it is time to also bring our «Personality test for dog owners» onto the platform.

  1. in order to put our PERSONALITY TEST FOR DOG OWNERS on the platform, our start-up needs for design and technical development of the test including evaluation: CHF 25’000.

  2. which dog suits you best? In addition to the two personality tests for dogs and dog owners, we have developed a unique method for a «MATCHING Human-Dog», which matches the personalities of humans and dogs. Design and development costs for this amount to: CHF 15’000.

  3. convince yourself of our current offer. Take part in the Dog Sharing - with dog or as dog friend. Start the personality test for your dog or check personality reports of dogs that have advertisements in Dog Sharing.

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