Do you want to join the Family?

In order to propose more great beers, we need your support!

Launched in 2019, Moutonoir Brewery is first a friendship story between Eddy Machado, owner of the Black Sheep cocktail bar in Geneva and Jerome Rapenne, a Bank Manager. A new friend, Thierry Rozier, a broker, joined the adventure in May 2021.

Our philosophy is to put craziness in traditional styles. We love also to share more confidential styles with our community.

Since the beginning we are working with a professional brewer who brews our beers in his facility.

Our first beer was a wheat beer (Belgian style), fermented with Pineapple puree and infused with Timut pepper. It was a huge success and the 400 liters went in a couple of weeks only! It is now our signatory beer which could be found in several bars in Geneva. We also brewed an IPA, a NEIPA and a Pale Ale

Our current model is quite restricting and prevent to increase our volumes and range.

With your help, we would do various investment to:

  • Increase our range
  • Develop our geographical reach
  • Secure the deliveries to our clients

We hope to welcome you in the Family soon!

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My project is special because ...

We are a small team passionated about beers. We are dedicated to propose quality and original beers for your friendly moment

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This is what I need backing for.

Funds’ Use (indicative)

To Create a website To develop our Marketing policy To buy a fermenter and a mashtun (300/400 liters) To buy a small brewery system to do some testing To brew a new beer (400 liters)

Thanks all for your support!