Waste can take a lot of space at home.

That is why our solution will help you organize and reduce the volume of waste.

The system is composed of a compactor with a double leverage and a container for home waste.

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How to use it

First you need to put the container under the compression system. Then you simply need to lean on the double levers. The system allows you to reduce 60 liters of waste into 17 liters. The container can be easily change for another one with a different type of waste. It is especially interesting for plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Therefore you will be able to reduce the volume of waste at home ou you will need to go less often to a collecting center.


The system is composed of a 17 liters container, a compactor with levers system (collapsible) and a compost storage (or for other recyclable)

The main characteristics are presented in the next table:

So far, we only propose a system for 17 liters bags. The reason why is that the weight of the garbage bag can reach around 7-8 kg, so you can imagine the result with a 35 liters bag. If you have any question, felle free to contact us.

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The money will be invested:

  • To produce the test series
  • Our first production (Swiss Made)

If you want to buy the product, we advise you to look for rewards over 100CHF otherwise if you like the idea and wish to support us, you choose rewards under 100CHF or pledge this project without reward. In any case, we are glad your help! And please spread the word.

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We have planned to launch the pilot project during this summer, (which will be produce in Switzerland). This pilot project will help us improve the product and like this we plan to launch the first production before the end of the year 2015. Concerning the timing, such project can take more time than expected, so we might be late, therefore we will be informing you regularly about the progress.

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The team

We also thank:

  • CPNV of Sainte-Croix for the part they made
  • CNJ Duret SA for helping to create the prototype
  • TecOrbe for having accepted us within there incubator
  • And everybody visiting
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Das Team

Dank geht auch an:

  • Die CPNV in Sainte-Croix für die Einzelteile
  • CNJ Duret SA für die Hilfe beim Prototypen
  • TecOrbe
  • Und alle diejenigen die uns über den Weg galaufen sind