Music Video - Ocean Brain

by Hannah Kelly


We want to make a magical music video for Hannah Kelly's second single Ocean Brain. This video will include scenes of a beautiful historic castle and dreamy underwater images. Thanks for any backing x

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Successfully concluded on 9/2/2021

This is what it's all about.

We want to shoot a creative, mesmerising music video for my (Hannah Kelly) second single Ocean Brain. The concept for the music video has been in the making for a very long time. It includes a beautiful castle and dreamy underwater images. Finally the stars have aligned; we have received all the permits we need and are almost able to shoot it. One thing is missing. The finances… (See the music video from my debut single New Faces below)

Who are we?

I am Hannah Kelly, a singer and songwriter. I grew up in Switzerland and studied Vocals in Berlin where I graduated in 2020. I express myself through music and want to create an even stronger message by adding a video to the song Ocean Brain. I have worked with Raphael and Samuel in the past. In 2017 we shot a cover version of Lullaby by Nickelback, which has reached over 54,000 views on YouTube. (see video below)

Samuel Dütsch (Director) Since Sämi was a child he has tried to push the limits of possibilities and broaden the horizon through his camera lens. In may 2015 he celebrated the release of his feature film ’Mémoire’, which he had spent years developing. Furthermore, he has produced many music videos for artists from different genres.

Raphael Werner (Videographer) Since 2011 Raphael Werner has been passionately involved in materialising ideas and bringing them to life on screen. Besides having produced several music videos he has also shot many different short films ranging from comedy to horror. Furthermore, he owns his own production company, with which he develops music videos and advertisements.
Raphael started studying Film with specialisation in Cinematography at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2017 while also working as a freelance videographer.

This is what I need backing for.

Being a 2020 graduate I would love to start perusing a professional career in music. However, the pandemic has really made it hard for artists like myself to work (as is the case in many other professions). Finally though, the opportunity to film this music video for Ocean Brain, which we have been planning for over a year, has presented itself. We have received the permits to film in the beautiful castle Hünegg and in an indoor pool. The only thing missing is the sufficient funding. That is why we would be endlessly grateful for any amount you can give to make our vision come to life.