Termine / Premiere ZürichBy Lutz Konermann, on 14/9/2014 16:28

Liebe Unterstützer,

Uns ist ein kleiner Fehler unterlaufen:

Die Premiere am Dienstag, 16.9., im Lunchkino Le Paris startet bereits um 12.15 Uhr! Anschliessend gibt es ein Q&A mit Farida und mir.

Es sind auch noch weitere Spielorte und Terminkorrekturen hinzu gekommen. Die aktuellen Premierendaten findet Ihr hier:


Drückt uns die Daumen, dass der Film danach in den Kinos noch vielen Zuschauern Freude machen kann!

Herzlich, Lutz und Farida

Termine merken!By Farida Pacha, on 16/8/2014 15:35

Liebe Unterstützer und Unterstützerinnen,

Eine Menge ist passiert seit unserem letzten Update.

Der Film ist weltweit auf vielen Festivals gelaufen und hat dabei eine stattliche Zahl Preise eingeheimst – immer noch sind wir total dankbar für den positiven Schub, den Ihr mit Eurem Beitrag geleistet habt! Detailliertere Informationen findet Ihr auf Facebook (www.facebook.com/mynameissalt) und auf der Webseite des Films (www.mynameissalt.com).

Aber die spannendste Neuigkeit für viele von Euch: «My Name is Salt» kommt jetzt auch endlich in die Schweizer Kinos! Bislang sind folgende Starttermine geplant:

Baden: ab 21. September

Basel: ab 18. September

Bern: ab 18. September

Luzern: ab 23. Oktober

Zuoz: 25. September

Zürich: ab 18. September

Ausserdem wird es eine Premiere in Zürich, am 16. September, im «Le Paris» geben, im Lunchkino um 12.30 Uhr. Bitte reserviert Eure Freikarte über mail@leafbirdfilms.com – wir freuen uns sehr darauf, diesen Event gemeinsam mich Euch zu feiern!

Herzlich, Lutz und Farida

Save the dates!By Farida Pacha, on 16/8/2014 15:22

Dear backers, a lot has happened since we last updated you – the film has been screened at many festivals around the world and won several awards. We still feel very grateful for the push you gave it with your precious contribution. For more detailed updates please check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/mynameissalt and the film’s webpage www.mynameissalt.com

But here is the most exciting news for many of you: «My Name is Salt» is finally going to be released in theatres around Switzerland starting in the Swiss German region!

For now, the following release dates are fixed:

Baden: from 21. September

Basel: from 18. September

Bern: from 18. September

Luzern: from 23. Oktober

Zuoz: 25. September

Zürich: from 18. September

And there will be a premiere screening in Zürich on 16. September, at the «Le Paris» at 12.30 pm, yes, at lunchtime – Lunchkino! We are really looking forward to sharing this experience with you, so please get back to us at mail@leafbirdfilms.com and reserve your ticket!

Farida and Lutz

Too much of a good thing is wonderful!By Lutz Konermann, on 1/12/2013 22:16


You made it. You became part of an unbelievable success story. From a labour of love to an award winning feature length film, you made the difference.

Here is what the jury of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam had to say at the award ceremony the other night:

«A beautifully observed film that takes the viewer on an absorbing journey into a strange and striking world. Made with great observation and impressive style, My Name Is Salt begins with mystery and puzzles and unravels into a delicate and intimate story of how a family bonds together against the elements to create something that is fundamental to modern life. Made with intimacy and compassion, it answers every question the viewer might have and is never less than intriguing and gently fascinating.»

This past year has been quite a ride. But with Christmas approaching we will take a deep breath, sit down and prepare the mailing of your well-deserved rewards, as promised. Please make sure that we do have your postal addresses. Contact us via mail (at) leafbirdfilms (dot) com.

Also, we invite you to «like» our official facebook page www.facebook.com/mynameissalt to keep updated from now on, and to check out our website www.mynameissalt.com.

Thank you so much,

Farida and Lutz

Salt goes IDFA!By Lutz Konermann, on 31/10/2013 23:49

The screening dates at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) are out:

Sunday, 24 Nov. 2013 5:45pm @ the Munt 10

Tuesday, 26 Nov. 2013 10:15pm @ the Tuschinski 5

Wednesday, 27 Nov. 2013 6:15pm @ the Tuschinski 3

Friday, 29 Nov. 2013 6:00pm @ the Munt 10

Saturday, 30 Nov. 2013 2:00pm @ the Munt 10

We will be attending from the 23rd to the 28th.

See you in Amsterdam! :-)

Bravi Lutz e Farida,

Maria Luisa ed io siamo felici dei vostri successi.
In bocca al lupo per la competition in Amsterdam.
Un abbraccio, Vittorio e Maria luisa

What can I say...?By Lutz Konermann, on 15/10/2013 09:58

Dear backers, it’s unbelievable but true: We got selected for IDFA, the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam – in competition!!! That is more than we could ever expect. Now guess who made this possible? Right. You.

And look at this: http://www.idfa.nl/industry.aspx – they actually chose a still from our film for their homepage. :-)

IDFA is a yearly event in late November and has a reputation of being one of the (if not THE) most important documentary festivals in the world. In fact, it will be the World Premiere for «My Name is Salt«. The exact screening dates are not out yet, but we will let you know as soon as possible.

In the meantime we are busy meeting the deadline for completion. The music, the sound design and the color grading all have to be finished by the end of the month.

So, back to the studio to apply the final touches…!


Farida and Lutz

NOW we actually made it !!! :-)By Lutz Konermann, on 8/8/2013 18:54

Dear Backers, today we received the exciting news that we’ve been hoping for: My Name is Salt has been funded by the Swiss Federal Film Funding agency in Bern – and this has been made possible by all of you!

Thanks to your support, we were able to present a rough cut that convinced not only them but also a distributor who will bring the finished film to theatres in Switzerland, Austria and Germany!

Now we can actually pay for the final steps of the post-production for which we need professional help. The composer, the sound designer and the color grader will add their skills to the film, which should be ready by November, as planned.

We are thrilled!


Farida and Lutz

Congrats!! Can't wait to see the movie!

It's been a while...By Lutz Konermann, on 17/6/2013 18:43


Dear supporters, it’s been quite a while since we last kept you updated.

The past months have seen us busy finding the right editor for the project, but the good news is: We found her! :-) Katharina has joined our little team and we are happy to see the rough cut of our film come to life – which is exactly what you guys have made possible with your contribution!

We have just applied for post production funding, so please keep your fingers crossed! And if all goes well, we’ll have a real chance to actually make it for this year’s edition of the International Documentary Festival, Amsterdam. We’ll certainly keep you updated about all of this.

Another good news we can share today is that when we visited our salt family this winter we learned that Sanabhai, our main protagonist, has become the proud grandfather to a baby-boy!

And the salt pouches are finally ready for shipping! All supporters please make sure that we have your current postal addresses. If you haven’t done so yet, please send it to lutz (at) konermann (dot) net – so we can send the rewards to you.

Thanks again,

Lutz and Farida

super - grossartig! Euch weiterhin viel Erfolg!

Happy New Year!By Lutz Konermann, on 22/12/2012 05:26

Dear backers,

We wish you a happy and successful 2013! Thanks to you, our project has received a tremendous boost and gained a lot of momentum. Motivated by your generous support we have been able to raise further sponsoring from India, Japan and Switzerland!

Our editor is looking forward to dig into the rough cut from the beginning of next year. We are now confident that weʼll be able to present the finished film by coming autumn. Weʼll keep you updated on the progress!

We are on a trip to the desert to collect the salt that we have been promising our most generous backers. Once we are back, the first rewards will be sent out. Please make sure that we have your current postal addresses by submitting them to lutz (at) konermann (dot) net, subject: SALT.

Happy Holidays!

Lutz and Farida

We made it!!!By Lutz Konermann, on 28/11/2012 17:34

We want to thank each of you out there – family, friends and film lovers – for your generous support! We are thrilled! :-)))

Farida and Lutz


12 days to go! By Farida Pacha, on 15/11/2012 18:30

And thanks to your support we have already reached an amazing 125% of our initial goal!

Please continue to spread the word and share this link with all your friends. Together we may even reach the 150% mark and take My Name is Salt closer to completion!

Farida and Lutz

Danke!!!By Lutz Konermann, on 7/11/2012 09:45

Jetzt haben wir dank Eurer Unterstützung schon drei Wochen vor Ende der Kampagne unser erstes Etappenziel erreicht und können den Rohschnitt von My Name is Salt finanzieren! Wir hätten nicht gedacht, dass wir so rasch soviel Zuspruch erhalten und freuen uns riesig, dass es nun weitergehen kann mit der Postproduktion.

Aber es bleiben noch einige offene Posten - Musik, Tonbearbeitung, Mix - für die bislang noch keine Finanzierung in Aussicht ist. Deshalb noch einmal unsere Bitte: Macht Eure Freunde und Netzwerke auf unsere Kampagne aufmerksam, teilt den link und drückt uns die Daumen, dass wir es in den verbleibenden drei Wochen noch eine Runde weiter schaffen!

Denn jedes Projekt auf wemakeit kann über sein ursprüngliches Ziel hinaus unterstützt werden, und mit Eurer Hilfe schaffen wir es vielleicht sogar die 150%-Marke – CHF 10ʼ000 – zu knacken!


Lutz und Farida

My Name is Salt on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mynameissalt

Unglaublich!By Lutz Konermann, on 4/11/2012 11:30

Ehrlich gesagt, wir hätten uns niemals eine so herzliche und breitgefächerte Unterstützung erträumt – ein dickes Dankeschön an alle, die uns schon unter die Arme gegriffen haben!

Jetzt, wo unser ursprüngliches Ziel – die Finanzierung eines Rohschnitts – in greifbarer Nähe ist, sehen wir die Chance, mit Eurer Hilfe noch einen Schritt weiter zu gehen. Bitte erzählt all Euren Freunden und Kollegen davon, teilt diesen link auf Euren Facebook–Seiten und Mailing-Listen und helft uns dabei, den Rest der Postproduktion zu finanzieren!

Jede weitere Unterstützung geht direkt in den Feinschnitt, die Musik und die Tonmischung unseres Films – Ihr macht es möglich!


Farida und Lutz

This is incredible!By Farida Pacha, on 4/11/2012 11:14

Frankly, we would never have dreamed of such warm and widespread support – thanks to everybody who has been backing us so far!

Now that our initial goal – the funding of a rough cut – is within reach, we see a chance to go beyond that with your help. Please spread the word, tell your friends, share the link on your facebook page and mailing list and help us get the rest of the post production of our film financed.

Any further funding will go directly into paying for the fine cut, the music and the sound mix – you can make it possible!

Farida and Lutz

We are overwhelmed!By Lutz Konermann, on 18/10/2012 21:52

Five days from the start of the fundraising campaign we have already reached an amazing 50% of our goal!

Thanks to everybody who has been supporting the project and spreading the voice.

Do keep the momentum going, and if you haven’t done already please share this link with your friends!

Farida and Lutz