Support the recording and release of emerging artist Nadia Stix

Nadia is finalising a selection of songs which capture a journey turned into music. With a combination of styles between pop and jazz, ups and downs, love and heartbreak, Nadia has blown away audiences for years. She’s now working with some of the top talent in Vienna to make her life’s work accessible for all… but she needs your help!

I was stuck on a cruise ship in quarantine for three months

After having worked as a jazz singer for many years, I wound up serenading cruise ship passengers and selling art. That all ended when the virus hit in March and due to safety concerns, we couldn’t get off the ship. Stuck in my room I finished the songs that I plan to include in this album.

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This is what I need backing for.

The funds raised here will cover:

  • Finalising arrangements
  • Recording
  • Musicians
  • Mixing & Mastering

Nadia brings:

  • An incredible voice
  • Captivating songs
  • Intensity
  • Endless smiles

If we raise more than the budget, we will look into printing CDs or hopefully Vinyl :)

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