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I love her! So proud of her doing this for herself!
Porque te amo. Estoy enormemente orgullosa de vos.
Nadia has a wonderful exquisite voice. I want to hear more abour her work.
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Dear friends, It makes me so happy to read you all!
From the Bottom of my heart... thank you for believing in my dream!
Sending all of you a big kiss! :)

Ehem, ehem... sorry for the delay in this comment, I was having issues finding the way to post you a comment here!
because she's a wonderful singer and person. she deserves to have success
This one is from Tracy! Love ya! Tiff
Sponsored my friend! Love ya Girl!
Nadia has a great talent that needs to be shared with the world.
Nadia Is a wondefull person, and she deserve all good things in life! Is a gorgeous artist, her voice is strong as she is! I wish she could rise her dreams and be happy; thats the most important thing ♥️🤗
So proud of you!!
Go Nadia!
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I want to say thank you to all of you! for your support, for your lovely words! I am excited to make this happen!!!!
Sending you all my love to you guys!
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Love Nadia! Such a blessing!
Nadia has been gifted with a beautiful voice and an even kinder heart... the world deserves to hear her music!
Desde siempre amas la música Nadia, persigues tu sueño, esta es la oportunidad!!! «Lo encontrado, remite a lo buscado!», éxitos!!! Éxitos!!!