Natthapong Gym needs your support! After 22 years it's time for a new chapter. Help us relocate and build our new gym.

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Relocating Natthapong Gym

Our current gym is too small and too old. The future of the building where we are located right now is uncertain as well. That’s why we are moving to the centre of Oerlikon. We already signed the contract so the relocation is a done deal. Even though the coronavirus pandemic was also a challenge for us we will be able to manage most of the costs ourselves. But we need your support to be able to fully equip our new gym. We are moving into a shell form which we have to complete.

What's special about the relocation

Moving into a shell form also has the advantage of being able to fully customize the gym to our own and the members’ wishes. There will be a front desk with a small kitchen where we are going to prepare tasty and healthy dishes. There will also be a wide open training area where we can teach and learn cool techniques. It’s also our goal to install a functional fitness area where we can live out a modern training philosophy. The wardrobes in the new gym will be bigger and more beautiful.

This is why I need your support

Without your support we will be able to equip our new gym only with what’s absolutely necessary and our old equipment. If we reach our primary crowdfunding goal of 20’000 CHF we will be able to equip with basic stuff such as a modern and high-quality gym floor, boxing ring, wardrobes and a small kitchen (thai food, fitness dishes, protein shakes, sandwiches etc). If we reach our secondary crowdfunding goal of 40’000 CHF we will be able to install a functional fitness area and proper wardrobes with a nice flooring.