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That’s what it's about

We love music. We write songs to play them for you live on stage - and we want to celebrate, dance, sing and just have fun with you! For this passion we invest every free minute of our time and every free Swiss Franc of our wallet. It’s really too bad that the pandemic not only caused an exponential growth of the numbers of infections, but also an exponential decline of our band account balance … The calculation is as simple as cruel: no gigs means no income. That’s why we have chosen this way to ask for your support… so that we can continue to passionately write hand crafted songs for you and rock the stages of the world for you.

About our project

After «Trust the Girls» (2013, Zurich), «Distillates of Ackerwis» (2016, farm in Toggenburg, Switzerland) and «Disco Fragile» (2018, Carpentras, Provence/France) we have returned to Zurich down town to produce our fourth studio album «Just a Minute» with the hottest urban sound professionals. We would like to finance this project with the help of your support.

What are we up to?

We’ll take our current favourite songs to the top recording studios of Zurich. There, we’ll wire up our instruments, start the recording equipment, order lots of pizza and beer (on our bill, of course ;) and make music through days and nights. In case we won’t drive our producers totally crazy, after some weeks, we’ll have recorded the songs in such a way that they sound great on any playback device for you to sing along. But there’s more: we’ll send the recorded songs to one of the last Swiss record producers near Baden, they press glittering CDs and coloured LPs so that you can not only listen to the songs but also hold a piece of music history in your hand. Finally, we hire a graphic artist from Zurich-Wipkingen to design the cover and make it stand out from your record collection. From the region - for the region ;)

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