Miniseries «Egyptology - we have to talk»

Missing the forest for the trees? - That can even happen to science. What then helps, is a look from the outside. I’ve studied independently for 15 years: about ancient Egypt and the pyramids. The results? Less tomb, less religion, more technology and pragmatism. In a longer series I will publish the results on youtube. Season 1 will contains 6 clips. Watch the first two, they are already online.

Demystifying Ancient Egypt

Reading about Ancient Egypt feels like everything was determined by religion back then: temples, gods, sacred writings, tombs, etc. Hold on, weren’t they people like us today? With technical problems, pragmatic solutions and earthly needs? The miniseries ’Egyptology we have to talk’ complements and challenges classical Egyptology to a certain extent by accentuating the religious aspects differently. It shows where the faith of the ancients actually guided their actions and where it didn’t. This is accompanied by a partial demystification of Ancient Egypt.


This is what I need backing for.

Full of reflections and discoveries, I can’t wait to share my thoughts and findings with you as a professional, a friend, an interested person, a believer, an Egyptologist, a bible lover, an architect, etc. In order to reach a wide audience, I produce these relatively elaborate video clips - watch one and you will know what I mean. The production costs time - and time is money. Together with my wife I support a family of 6. If this content is to reach people, or at least the experts, I need your support and I’m so thankful for it. The production of one clip takes about 1,600 Swiss Francs (working hours, fees).