In this photo-dialogue book I will show you my very personal view on the contemporary Jewish Life in Krakow and my dialogue with my Jewish great-grandfather.

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Next Year in Krakow - A photo-dialogue

I visited Krakow seven years ago and started to portrait the contemporary Jewish Life. The result is a photo-dialogue, a classical photo book plus a fictional dialogue with my Jewish Great-Grandfather. Catholic Poles started with a Jewish Culture festival after the end of the cold war and this was the start of a new Jewish Life in Kazimierz.

When should you buy this book...

…when you are interested in black and white documentary photography …when you are interested in Jewish topics … when you want to read my fictional dialogue with my great-grandfather about Jewishness in Krakow and in Jewishness in general …. when you want to have an inside view of contemporary Jewish life in Krakow seen through my lens

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With this crowdfunding I will finance the printing of this photo book.