«Naked» is an artistic documentary directed and performed by Mélodie Mousset.

The synopsis

Driven by her idealism and will for freedom, Mélodie sets out on a quest to emancipate herself from the functional organization of her body. Using new technology, she pulls her organs from her physical self and transports them on an adventure across the world, through social and political bodies, metaphysical rituals, and improbable meetings. In spite of themselves, the characters Mélodie encounters become guides in an initiatory voyage of self-discovery. From the corridor of molecular medicine in Switzerland to the remote spiritual spaces of Oaxaca, Mexico, Mélodie leads us on a journey that fuses rituals of science, mysticism, and psychology to unearth the freedom inherent in the process of discovery, and the complex role of the body in contemporary society. 

«Man is sick because he is badly constructed. We must make up our minds to strip him bare in order to scrape off that animalcule that itches him mortally, god, and with god, his organs. For you can tie me up if you wish, but there is nothing more useless than an organ. When you will have made him a body without organs, then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions and restored him to his true freedom. Then you will teach him again to dance wrong side out as in the frenzy of dance halls and this wrong side out will be his real place.»  

Antonin Artaud, radio intervention from november 28, 1947

NUE (naked) is an investigation into the relationship of power, technology, and the role of the body in political and scientific conflict and progress. 

The origin of this project

Why do I need your support?

18’000 euros represents the bare minimum to complete the project, shoot the last images and give decent salaries to my incredible collaborators and to pay for the post-production expenses:

  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Sound design (Marcin Demorsier)
  • Original score (Laurent Bruttin)
  • English subtitles (Noura Wedell)

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