«All said: This cannot be done. Along came one who knew that not, and did it.» Hilbert Meyer

My name is Vero Kern. I live and work as a perfumer in Zürich, my hometown, my place of reflection and inspiration. I have been creating unique perfumes for Vero Profumo for more than ten years.

Now at the age of seventy-seven I am rich in experience and knowledge, ready to rev up again, put all my eggs into one basket, and launch a new creation. O’züri, a perfumed ode to Zürich. O’züri will be dedicated to all who love, admire and appreciate this beautiful city. An «objet du désire», produced in the fine tradition of high-quality Swiss craftsmanship. We will be using entirely new and up-to-date technologies and materials - 100% ecological and sustainable; and that in a completely new packaging design. A sensual project making sense!

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I want to capture the sparkling essence of Zürich, and interpret it through olfaction, the sense of smell. By ensnaring its very special spirit I will translate it into a fragrant «calling card for Zürich». By spirit I don’t just refer to the unique and great cultural diversity, the worldwide open-mindedness, or the impulses from the creative research that this city offers. I mean some of the real fragrant jewels, taking for example the huge number of annually blooming linden trees. They create the narcotic and bewitching fragrant back drop along the Bahnhofstrasse and the Lindenhof.

Naturally this requires a special product design. One that combines innovation, ecology and sustainability with lifestyle and research; that brings joy and does not burden the environment. A great deal of specialised know-how will be required and I am thrilled to have found the perfect partner in the industrial designer Ramon Spaeti. His many years of experience in the luxury perfume and cosmetics sector of international brands, and his curiosity in the exploration of new applications, are an indispensable part in the joint planning and realisation of this ambitious project. More on Ramon here www.venomhigh.com.

O’züri will be produced in small batches exclusively in Zürich.

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It is my heartfelt desire to launch this unusual, elegant and innovative product. Naturally the development of this visionary fragrance and the packaging design will be cost-intensive. For this, and the subsequent production, including both logistics and marketing, we would need some financial support. With your assistance you could be a part of this project - the unique «Made in Züri» for Züri. It would thrill me to have your support for this unprecedented project. You would of course be rewarded for your support.

Whether the finished O’züri fragrance in the new innovative perfume atomiser, a studio visit or a walk through Zürich with Vero, being a benefactor to the production of the scent, or indeed having your own unique fragrance crated for just for you alone, we need and thank each and every one of you for your invaluable support.

Together we can do it!

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