Art publication combining the photographs of Katharina Lütscher and paintings of Julia Sheppard with the essays of guest writers, on the theme of 17th century Dutch painting.

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Ripe and juicy, soft and furry

Julia Sheppard and Katharina Lütscher share a common love for the aesthetics of 17th century Dutch painting. Julia uses the medium of paint and typical subject matters of the genre such as ’memento mori’ to bring a contemporary and personal interpretation to old master works of art. Katharina portrays contemporary subjects in a very stylised dark and painterly fashion, technically elaborate her prints depict all the luxurious stillness of centuries past. A natural collaboration ensued to present their respective works in an independently curated 3 day exhibition in the Stephan Witschi Gallery in Zürich mid December 2013.

The Art Publication

It became apparent to the two artists that they are not alone in drawing inspiration from that particularly prolific moment in art history. One can observe real correlations in 21st century film, advertisement, literature and current attitudes towards the culinary arts to changes in Dutch society in the 17th century. Thus came the idea of creating a publication celebrating the works of Katharina and Julia including creative essays from Sibylle Berg, writer («Danke für das Leben»), contemporary art historian, Thomas Keller («Das kulturelle Nachleben Kleopatras in der Populärkultur des 20./21. Jahrhunderts»), journalist and foodscout, Dominik Flammer («Das kulinarische Erbe der Alpen») the young philosopher Manfred Heinz and other writers.

They are hoping that you will help financially in supporting this project.

The Artist book will be approximately 64 pages long, A5 format with colour photographs. (English and German) It will be published in the beginning of 2014

Dafür brauchen wir Geld und eure Unterstützung:

Für die Produktion der Publikation: Druck, Grafik und Text. Die Publikation soll im Format A5 produziert werden, ca. 64 Seiten umfassen und zweisprachig (deutsch/englisch) erscheinen.

Die Publikation wird Anfang 2014 erscheinen.