A book that illuminates the tenth edition of the music festival «One Of A Million» in Baden from a personal and artistic point of view.

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10 years «One Of A Million» Festival

Since ten years «One Of A Million» festival invites its visitors on a musical journey. Every February it attracts music lovers from Switzerland and neighbouring countries to travel to Baden (AG). Artists get to play in the most beautiful venues and special places - the whole city is becoming a stage. Even though «One Of A Million» has continued to grow over the past ten years, one thing never got lost: the feeling of being one big family. In the course of nine days, visitors can discover rising national and international acts as well as musicians from the most diverse genres in an intimate setting.

How did everything take shape?

On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we want to create an artefact. The book «ONE IN TEN TIMES ONE OF A MILLION» is intended to make the festival come alive. Fans and music lovers are very enthusiastic about the unique and magical concert experiences. This is exactly what we want to illuminate from all angles.

Focusing on the tenth edition of the festival, the two graphic designers Dorian Delnon and Jakob Lienhard, together with four photographers and seven authors, documented and captured the festival from their personal artistic point of view. In addition to the texts and picture series created in this way, we have worked with the visitors to develop content, that enables them to take part in writing the emotional history of the festival.

Why do we need your support?

The book combines more than 200 pictures of the tenth «One Of A Million» with six journalistic and lyrical texts, to create a true collector’s item - for all friends of the festival and for music enthusiasts who have never visited the festival before.

The book has 250 pages and will be printed in offset. That’s exactly the reason why your support is needed. Most of the project has already been financed, but we need more funds to print the book.

You now have the opportunity to support the project in its final steps. The whole festival family would be very happy, if you would help to reach the goal: a book about ten years of «One Of A Million» in Baden.