From separation to oneness

More and more people are on the journey of awakening and realize they are more than their body and personality and that they are actually connected and one with everything (see «Buddha at the Gas Pump», «What the Bleep do we know», etc.).


This topic of awakening fascinates us. In this film we want to research how it feels to be in the conscious state of oneness, how this shows in daily life, how you can move from separation into oneness etc., and present this view of oneness to a broad audience. «Oneness and Beyond» shall be a film that reminds us of our essence.


According to Susanne Marie, Chess Edwards and many other authors, teachers and thinkers, the cause of the world’s current crises (wars, mass hunger, economic crises, ecological destruction, etc.) lies in our tendency as humans to see ourselves separate from the rest of creation, as if somehow we are without direct relation to the natural world. The alternative is the reunion with the entirety/totality/the ONE, a memory that we have never been separate. When we can see ourselves as a part of oneness, then this will show in our actions by way of increased respect, harmony and community. This topic of separation and oneness forms the guiding thread of the film and there is even a step beyond oneness to explore.

Format: Documentary film for cinema, approx. 80 min., English with German subtitles

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The visuals

The central topic of the film, separation and oneness, will be visually illustrated with beautiful natural images.

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… and now we need you!

With the support from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and the institution for culture funding in Valais, Switzerland we have developed the concept of the film. We have edited a first teaser of the film out of the first contacts and research interviews with some of the protagonists.

Thank you very much to our present sponsors!

The financial support we receive from you will enable us to complete the shooting and cover costs of technical equipment and travel. We intend to film further interviews around the subject of oneness with spiritual teachers and others who are living a conscious life in Europe and the US. With every Swiss franc/US dollar YOU are making this film with us!

We thank you very much for your support!