We are saving lifes. We plan to set up an oxygen plant at the Chhetrapati Free Clinic (hospital) and buy 10 oxygen concentrators.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 16/6/2021

Why we need your support?

Post COVID way of living has been slowly made from paper to reality in Europe and America. And we all in Switzerland are slowly forgetting what it was like in a lockdown. But at the same time country as India and Nepal are suffering at an unprecedented rate. Nepal surpassed India’s per capita death rate last week with a 52% increase over the previous daily high. People are suffering and are in panic mode. People with low to no income are the ones in dire need of not only oxygen and health facilities but also shortage of food and sanitation. Hearing stories from our friends and families of people dying just because they were not able to get oxygen is something we could never imagine or would have thought. But it is reality now and we needed to act fast. Our goal is to set up a oxygen plant in a community hospital, Chetrapati Free Clinic, that serves the marginalized, underprivileged and unreached population of Kathmandu valley, now starting to serve as a covid hospital for many patients, adding 35-40 new beds, especially for covid patients. The hospital currently relies on outside supply of 25 oxygen cylinders and facing oxygen scarcity to take more covid patients. A sustainable solution with a future.

Why us?

TGIFW is not only a fair fashion and living label now, as COVID has made us realise that as a community we are stronger than we think. We already raised funds for our producers and families during the first wave in Nepal. And to bring some smiles to the children, we raised fund to support a Kindergarten in autumn 2020. We thought like everyone else, that COVID is slowly turning into a bad dream and now we are waking up to a new day without the virus. So we supported a women oriented entrepreneurship program where eight women came together to start mushroom farming. It did take off and they made their first sales.

But now, all this seems like far away, as we are facing a new reality where COVID is there and killing one person every six minutes in Nepal. Our team in Switzerland and in Nepal had to find a solution that could be there even after the COVID and so we decided to set up oxygen plant in the community clinic. The cost of the plant is $45000 and $9000 for the oxygen concentrators, the clinic has committed $17000, our crowdfunding $18000 and the team in Nepal are raising $19000.

We have been together and know our strengths and weaknesses, so do help us in finding our strength to bring back a nation that is in dire need of something so common that we took for granted: Oxygen

What are the donations for?

With your support, we plan to set up an oxygen plant at the Chhetrapati Free Clinic (hospital) and buy 10 oxygen concentrators.

We are raising in total NPR 6,300,000 (~ USD 54000). The total cost of the oxygen plant of 5 nm cube/hr is NPR 5,250,000 (~ USD 45000). Remaining fund will be used to cover the cost for the oxygen concentrators. Out of the total cost required, NPR 2,000,000 (~USD 17,000) has already been affirmed. We need to raise additional NPR 4,300,000 (~USD 37000). Our friends from Nepal are helping raise ~USD 19000. This crowdfunding aims to raise the remaining ~USD 18000. Your kind donation will go directly to buy the oxygen plant, oxygen concentrators and supplies to help save lives of covid patients in Nepal.

At the end action makes all the difference.

  • Facilities for patients
    Facilities for patients
  • The designated Isolation Centre
    The designated Isolation Centre
  • Planned Oxygen Plant
    Planned Oxygen Plant
  • Planned Oxygen Plant
    Planned Oxygen Plant