«Was erwartest du dir von der heutigen Kunstwelt im Bezug auf Künstlerinnen? | What do you expect from today’s art world in relation to female artists?»

«Give more visibility and write about them in books.»

«Eine Beurteilung der künstlerischen Qualität.»

«More support in general and also more solidarity between the female artists.»


The magazine «Past Present Future» is based on the same-named questionnaire which I developed at the end of 2012 in Paris. In it I ask questions about the past, present and future of women as art producers. How they position themselves in todays art world, what their views are on art history, that is still marginalizing female positions, how their conditions of productions are, etc. 30 international and national artists of different age and publicity have answered the questionnaire since 2012. The results and answers I collected until now become visualized in the magazine «Past Present Future».

Due to the fact, that the answers of the artists provide a very interesting and versatile insight into the topic, I decided to give them space to speak for themselves.
Therefor the answers are the main focus in the magazine. To achieve an anonymized survey of statements about the conditions of female artistic work the answers cannot be matched to a certain artist. For this purpose I use methods of social-scientific research, which I adapt and expand through artistic research.

Designed as «work in progress» this project is not terminated with the publication of this magazine. It rather is to be seen as a first survey and evaluation.

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Sherine Anis Stella Bachler Renate Bertlmann Anna-Maria Bogner Denise Braun Martha Dietrich Clair de Foucauld Denise Fragner Vasilena Gankovska Fanny Hallgren Lise Huber Judith Hütter Bettina Kattinger Dominique Koch Susi Krautgartner Iris-Lilja Kuosmanen Kazuko Kurosaki Tina Lechner Sissa Micheli Lym Moreno Agnes Prammer Nicole Prutsch Hanna Putz Linda Reif Claudia Rohrauer Anna Schwarz Annette Tesarek
Anna-Stina Treumund Ana Velez Daniela Zacherl

Technical information

  • 30 international and national female artists
  • 30 questionnaires 30 questions
  • Prologue by Veronika Rudorfer & Sophie Haslinger
  • original answers in English/ German
  • images in color
  • 21,00 x 29,70 cm
  • Softcover
  • 72 pages
  • 200 – 230 copies
  • Self published
  • Graphic design by Christoph Gratzer, Tristan Schmid and Sira-Zoé Schmid. Editing by Katharina Baumgartner and Markus Oberndorfer.
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Why I need your support

This project is very dear to me. Over the last four years I have invested a lot of energy and time and now being almost set for print, the only thing I am missing is a last financial push.

Due to the fact that the public funds I received unfortunately do not cover all the costs I try to collectively raise money and am hoping for your help and support.
Apart from that I think that crowdfunding is a good way to already take preorders and to promote the project itself and provide the attention that it and the featured artists deserve.

Thank you so much for your interest and support in advance! Every Euro really helps!

As a token of my gratitude ...

… I have put some beautiful packages together for you, that revolve around the core subject of the project. Starting from a postcard set to private atelier visits and three artworks, «Thriller», «Erich Mühsam III» and «Das Mädchen das im Backrohr saß …», that originated while working on the questionnaire. Certainly for a preferential crowdfunding price.

And of course, last but not least, the publication «Past Present Future» that I am trying to fund with your help.

Thank you so much for your support!

PS: If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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