Help me to get my debut album pressed

A fiddle-singer and dance woman

Patrizia Sieweck lived in Ireland for several years and has always had strong ties to Irish music. Thus is not surprising that her personal musical focus rests heavily on traditional Irish music such as instrumental fiddle tunes, ballads and rhythmical songs. A deep love for the sea also harvested a special interest in sea songs and shanties. Patrizia plays the fiddle, banjo, guitar and sings. She combines different elements and uses the instruments in unusual ways, like playing the fiddle (influenced by guitar) and singing at the same time. The melodic tradition of Irish and Scottish tunes has also influenced her songwriting … and some of these examples can soon be heard on her first solo album!

The old meets the new

Patrizia Sieweck’s first solo album will be released in 2021. It combines the affection for traditional Irish and Scottish music and songs of the sea, but with a modern touch: On this CD you will not only find 5-string fiddle, banjo and guitar, but also occasionally the bass and of course singing. The material consists of traditional songs as well as original compositions with a hang towards stories of the past. The whole album is a labour of love, recorded in home-alone-corona-isolation together with Markus Brandstetter. Even the cover artwork is handmade in a collage style. The recording, mixing and mastering process is nearly complete, all that is missing is to get these unique recordings pressed onto an actual CD.


From digital to actual CD – You can help

The recording, mixing, mastering and cover design are nearly done with help through funding by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. But getting a CD pressed is expensive and you can help to complete the work. Crowdfunding prizes include the finished CD, a handmade cover artwork in the original size 30cm x 30cm, a fiddle lesson (online or in person) or a solo living room concert in the Berlin/ Brandenburg area.

Should the crowdfunding campaign reach 3000 Euro or over, 100 records will be ordered as well. But the first goal is to finance the pressing of the CD, all the fees that come with this task and some of the advertising like sending out promotion CDs.