Pavithra becomes a nurse!

by Henriette & Stephi


Pavithra lives in South India with her family and would like to train as a nurse. The aim is to support her in this by financing her training and her living costs.

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We want to support Pavithra financially to become a nurse

We know Pavithra from our voluntary social year (FSJ) in Bidar, South India, in 2010. At the age of eleven, she was already very curious and open-minded, so that a long-standing friendship has developed between us. Since a reunion in 2018 and since the smartphone has reached rural India, we have been in touch with her a lot. After her high school graduation, Pavithra wanted to do a voluntary service in Germany. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of Corona. We are happy that she found a training that interests her instead, namely nursing. Unfortunately, the family’s financial situation is very difficult. Pavithra lives alone with her three brothers and her mother. Her father passed away last year. The widow’s pension and the eldest brother’s income are just enough to cover the family’s basic expenses. Corona has made the situation even worse. Unlike in Germany, the nursing training in India costs money. Without financial support, Pavithra cannot afford the training. The aim of the crowdfunding is, therefore, to cover her training costs on the one hand and her living expenses on the other, so that Pavithra can contribute to the family income despite her training.

We know that the money is going to the right place

We know Pavithra and her family well and know that the money will reach the right place. Supporting her in her training as a nurse will ultimately also benefit the Indian rural population, which is poorly provided for medically. (We also know this from our own experience). Pavithra is very interested in the well-being of her fellow human beings and structural improvements of the health care system. She therefore plans to complete further training as a psychosocial counselor following her training. Up to now, psychological counseling has hardly existed in Bidar, if at all, only through clergymen. More services in this direction are urgently needed, and Pavithra would be a pioneer in the region.

Pavithra at a family feast
Pavithra at a family feast

This is what we need backing for.

Since Henriette and I are both still studying ourselves, we cannot raise the money alone. Therefore, we are happy about any support that helps Pavithra to get her education. For Indian women from poorer backgrounds, the situation is particularly precarious, as they have to save enough money before their wedding to finance their dowry themselves. Supporting Pavithra in her education thus also contributes to the independence of Indian women.

Pavithra on the Ganges
Pavithra on the Ganges