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About the book

Drawings have accompanied the architectural work of Peter Märkli since his very first projects in the 1980s. They are patiently produced images and architectural thoughts that occasionally have an associative relationship with the designs. This volume collects a selection of his drawings from 1980 to 2015. Seven texts by various authors from different cultural fields complement the collection of these remarkable graphic studies.

  • Texts: Florian Beigel & Philip Christou, Erich Brändle, Alexander Brodsky & Kiril Ass, Irina Davidovici, Elisabeth Hatz, Kenjiro Hosaka, Erwin Viray.
  • The book will be published by the renowned Quart Verlag from Lucerne.
  • Approx. 260 pages, 24 x 28 cm, approx. 400 illustrations, stitched fold-out brochure.
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About Peter Märkli

Peter Märkli (1953, Zurich, Switzerland) studied architecture at the ETH Zurich. While he was still in high school he met the architect Rudolf Olgiati, who would become his friend and mentor: it was from him that he learned to recognize the basic elements of architecture. Later, while he was studying at the ETH, he got to know the sculptor Hans Josephsohn and began to visit his studio regularly. Josephsohn taught him how to look at sculpture and painting, and joined him on many museum visits and trips to Italy. In 1978 he set up his own studio in Zurich: from that moment Josephsohn and him would alternate their studio visits to discuss and criticize each other’s work. From 1982 his work was heavily influenced by a trip to Saintonge in France. A more recent influence on his work has been a tour he made of Palladio’s country villas. In 2000, alongside his own studio, he began to build up an office in Albisrieden, Zürich. From 2002 until 2015 he has been Professor of Design at the ETH in Zurich.

Book launch on wemakeit

We decided to launch the book online on wemakeit, presenting it in three different special versions:

  • a basic edition offered with a special, reduced price of 78 CHF instead of 98 CHF.
  • a limited edition of 20 books with a signature by Peter Märkli on the first page of the volume.
  • a really special edition of 5 with a reproduction of one original sketch from the first phase (1980-1999) or one from the second phase of his oeuvre (2000-2015). Below you will find a description and the images of the selected drawings.

The Special Edition 5/5

Two drawings will be reproduced in a limited edition of 5 + 5, numbered and signed by Peter Märkli. These drawings have been selected together with Peter Märkli and they are coming from the first phase (1980-1999) and from the second phase (2000-2015) of his work.

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Support the project!

It has been almost one year since we started to work on this project, developing it and discussing it with Peter Märkli in every single detail! With your support you will help the project happen! We are working hard to get the book ready for December!

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