Let yourself be carried off to faraway places. To places that are directly around us and yet unreachable for many. A 5-year journey through Europe summarized as a photo book. Texts in DE/FR/EN

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This is what it's all about.

With a style all its own, the book conveys the silence and grace inherent in these buildings without any fuss. And for exactly this reason it is worthwhile to pick up the book again and again, even after years, because this grace is timeless. After five years of travelling all over Europe, it is time to show the works created here to a wider audience. The feedback I have already received at exhibitions such as the RDVI in Strasbourg (FR) has always confirmed that people outside the «scene» are also interested in this kind of photography. However, due to the Corona measures, my plans for an exhibition in Bern in 2020 are for the time being a waste of time. So let’s make the best of it, and let’s do it on over 120 pages.

Exactly one full-screen photo is used per page. If the motif allows it, selected pictures are stretched over two pages. The book is printed in 4C-print on glossy paper with 170g/m². It will have a hardcover cover and weigh almost 700 grams. The format is DIN-A4 landscape.

The content will be structured as follows:

  • Foreword
  • Stairs
  • Life
  • Production
  • Faith & Technology

For each chapter there is a text page with the motivation behind it. All texts are in German, French and English. The photos themselves are without text, because they speak for themselves even without words.

My project is special because ...

Printing a book on such a special topic is not easy. And it involves a considerable financial risk for me as an author. In order to be able to offer a price for the book that is as realistic as possible, an edition of at least 25 copies must be achieved. By the way, I won’t get rich with that, but as a photographer you are happy if you don’t have to pay for it ;-) The most important thing for me in this project is anyway that YOU enjoy my photos.

With the signed books you support the project even more with a small extra charge. And of course you can order more than one book, there are no restrictions. From 5 pieces on there are even two special packages - either for collectors or for bookstores. Whether or not an ISBN is assigned depends heavily on the crowdfounding process, as it is not free of charge. Crowdfounding is also not free, but the fees for this are already included.

Besides the book, you also have the possibility to buy something for your apartment. Maybe you noticed during the corono lockdown that your walls need some decoration. You have the possibility to get motives from this book in 60 x 40 cm size. The details are described in the respective rewards.

To be noted

First of all, the most important thing: You do not take any risks! If the founding goal is not achieved, WeMakeIt will refund your money according to their regulations. Likewise, there is no risk that the project will not be carried out or will be considerably delayed despite successful financing. The complete pre-financing, typesetting, layout, editing and proof-prints are already done, it is only a matter of the final printing and shipping.

Personal dedication: Please send me the text request for successful financing by e-mail. Dubious requests can be rejected.

The worldwide shipping of the book is included. In order to keep the price in line, shipping is done without tracking. For the «Better living» campaign, shipping within the EU (excluding island regions, excluding Great Britain) and Switzerland is included. For logistical reasons, shipping is carried out in two separate shipments. For the «ChromaLuxe» campaign and the book packages, shipping within the EU (without island regions; the country list 1 of DHL Germany applies) and CH is included. Any customs duties or import taxes are not included and must be paid by the recipient. International shipping is from Germany, shipping to Switzerland from Switzerland, so there are no additional charges within the EU and CH.