In May, my photobook «Peach» will be published with Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. 65 images from eight different countries will be on display. Support the production of the book!

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During the last three years I worked on the images for the series «Peach», this spring they will be published as a book with Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. Up until now, there is still CHF 6’000 missing for the printing and binding of the book. With your help, we can give «Peach» a final push over the finishing line.

The book

In «Peach», I turn my acute and sensitive gaze on my ever changing surroundings. Through structure and composition, light and color, I generate moments that take the viewer away to an astounding world of its own. My interest goes toward the ambivalence of images and their multilayered relations among one another as well as with their beholder. Even though we are aware of what we are seeing here on paper, these pictures are no longer part of reality but instead show us an artistic take on the world around us. They draw their substance from a confrontation with reality, provoking reflection on how we are to comprehend it.

The images were taken in eight different countries, mostly during travel and excursions. However, I’m not so much interested in storytelling or showing concrete places. Instead, my goal is to articulate a certain perception of the world we live in.

1’000 pieces of «Peach» will hopefully soon find their way into your hands and bookshelves. To make it a very nice object as well, I built in several extras. «Peach» will be printed on wonderful paper, is going to be thread-bound with an open back and comes with a folded poster wrapped around. The texts will be printed in the booklet that comes along with it.

Your Support

The biggest part of the costs are already settled. Besides a grant of the Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau, I can count on the support of a dozen wunderful people. The two designers Susanna Baer and Alex Sonderegger of so+ba are dealing with the layout and the Zurich based art historian Aline Juchler and galerist Timothy Persons are concerned with the essays. Even the sound for this video was especially made for this purpose by musician Dennis Flöthke.

Now your support will be warmly welcomed: There is still CHF 6’000 missing for the printing and binding. By preordering the book now, you’ll help me finance the rest of the costs. Thank you very much for supporting the publication of «Peach».