What I want to do:

«Powerbook» takes a look behind the curtains of the energy industry. It shows places that are highly protected against major accidents and terrorism and that only a few people have access to. Strange worlds with a cool kind of logic, cathedrals of modern times, temples of an energy-binging society.

The project:

50’300’000’000’000’000’000 Joule. That’s how much energy would be set free, if a 2.5 billion tons heavy asteroid fell on our planet. And that’s exactly the amount of energy the entire world consumes per year. To gain this amount of energy out of resources like oil, coal, uranium, wind or sunlight, we need a machinery that researches, unlocks, drills, diggs, refines, divides, burns, stores and shares continuously. A technology at the edge of the doable, an industry without which our lights would literally go out.

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«Powerbook» is an illustrated book that looks into energy production and offers fascinating insights into hidden centers of energy. It contains intimidating yet fascinating images, photographs from another planet or right out of a Science Fiction movie. The book will contain 120 pages, its dimensions being 26.5x37 cm. Release date: June 2012, Benteli Verlag.


The overall costs of the project add up to CHF 40,100. About CHF 22,500 are covering the printing costs. With countless pleas to institutions and private persons we have already raised CHF 26,300. CHF 10,000 are still on the line – we’re waiting on some final decisions. We’re sure to be able to come up with the remaining CHF 3,800 with your help ☺

Involved Persons

  • Luca Zanier, Photographer
  • Ferco Dregelyvari, Image Composer
  • André Küttel, Author
  • Bill Kouwenhoven, Photo Editor
  • Claudia Wildermuth, Graphic Designer